Rivers flow. Trees stretch. Mountains walk. Revolving and evolving, the earth and all of its creatures are in a constant state of movement and change. And we are a part of this natural world.

Kim Langmaid grew up in Vail, Colorado, inspired by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. As the area grew and local resorts were transformed into international destinations, she watched as her place became everyone’s place. A naturalist and graduate student, she longed for a way to share her passion for these mountains, to teach others to feel a connection to them.

She opened the doors of the Gore Range Natural Science School in historic Red Cliff, Colorado, offering her first program in the Fall of 1998. And what started as a grassroots effort has grown year-by-year, bolstered by tremendous support from the community and the convenient access of the 1-70 corridor that brings millions of visitors to the Valley.

Today, Gore Range Natural Science School is Walking Mountains Science Center

Kim’s vision and our mission to awaken a sense of wonder and inspire environmental stewardship and sustainability through natural science education is carried on through a team of professionals, graduate students, and volunteers who deliver programs to thousands.

At Walking Mountains Science Center, we believe that nature is for everyone. Children and adults. Amateur naturalists and graduate educators. Residents and visitors.

Here we offer:

School Programs
Working in conjunction with the local school district and private schools, our goal is to serve every child in Eagle County through natural science programs that take place in nature, compliment classroom curriculum and help narrow the achievement gap by enhancing scientific and environmental literacy.

Community Programs
A variety of courses are offered throughout the year in close partnership with local organizations. From films and speaker series events to Science Behind classes and astronomy, we bring participants of all ages into the outdoors.

Graduate Programs and Internships
Those who are interested in applying their expertise in environmental sciences can expand their experience through graduate studies and internships where they create and teach courses that connect people to the natural world.

Changing lives through natural science research

Our educational programs engage experiential learning – techniques that foster critical thinking, and teach the scientific method through the gathering of data. Today, we are contributing our data to a body of scientific research, linking what we are learning in our backyard with research to advance global sustainability

Walking Mountains Science Center, a gathering place for environmental learning

Our Avon campus opened in August of 2011, giving Walking Mountains a visible presence in the community and enabling us to greatly expand our reach. Showcasing the highest levels of sustainable design and green building, the campus features spaces indoors and out for learning, research, multi-day excursions, interactive displays, and more.
Take a walk and change the world

At Walking Mountains Science Center, we share our passion for the natural world in ways that make a difference. As an award-winning non-profit, we have been recognized for our efforts to preserve our natural surroundings and to promote environmental awareness and conservation.

We invite you to join us. Come, explore your curious nature.