Our programs take place in nature with participants literally walking in the mountains.  Over time mountains walk,  geologically shifting their shapes and formations.  Through careful personal observations and scientific study, we can observe and learn about these important changes.

This type of science and environmental education is now more critical than ever.  Student achievement in science has declined at a time when a basic understanding of scientific and ecological concepts is increasingly important for students’ future success and ability to make critical decisions.  Our society has become increasingly distant from the natural world while at the same time we have learned that children’s connection to nature is essential to their physical, emotional and intellectual development.

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Walking Mountains Science Center’s educational programs, for students of all ages in our community, are made possible through your contributions. Thank you for helping to change lives by giving children the opportunity to experience hands-on science programs in the outdoors.

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Walking Mountains Science Center subsidizes 85% of the cost of its school programs – a current annual expense of over $250,000.

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