Fresh Off the Trail: Stonecrop Wildflower Sighting

Look for this yellow succulent growing among the granite boulders on Cross Creek or Bighorn Creek. Stonecrop is a variety of sedum, and was first described in the Pike Peak area by John Torrey in 1820. Sedum varieties are great for xeriscaping and Walking Mountains Science Center even has sedum growing on their roof! Check out our comprehensive Colorado Wildflower Guide here! When you participate in one of

Bearing Up

As we flip our calendars to June and longer days turn the hillsides from snowy white to grassy green, people are emerging squinty-eyed from their schools and homes explore the summer activities the valley has to offer. However, humans aren’t the only ones to start exploring their surroundings as the snowpack vanishes. Our local bear population is awake and active

Fresh off the Trail: Fairy Slipper Wildflower Sighting

Welcome to the first installment of Walking Mountains Science Center’s Blooming Blog! Check back throughout the season to find out what is blooming where and what elevation and trails have the most impressive blooms! Its Orchid season in Colorado’s high country and that means the forest floor is littered with Fairy Slippers, Calypso Bulbosa. Look for these along Cross Creek

Mysteries of Nature

The mysteries of nature are numerous and vast, encompassing questions large and small and constantly teasing us to unravel their riddles. One of these mysteries involves the phenomenon of delayed implantation of embryos. If you’ve never heard of this, you’re probably not alone. In a nutshell, delayed implantation allows a species to delay implantation of the fertilized embryo, sometimes for

Photo Credit: Rick Spitzer

Rhythms of Spring

The rhythms of nature beat day and night, creating the cadences that form the soundtrack of our lives. Each season has its own measured tempo, the summer’s frenzied explosion of color and green growth, the poignancy and portent of the fall, the stillness and quiet of winter, and finally, today, we are in the full throes of springtime, with a