Unwind in nature with the Forest Therapy program

Join Walking Mountains Science Center and local Forest Therapy guides for a relaxing and reinvigorating afternoon of making connections and diving in to our senses and natural surroundings. Forest Therapy, also known as forest bathing or Shinrin-Yoku in Japan, has been around since the early 1980’s but it is just now gaining mainstream traction joining the likes of the health,

Pika Project Happy Hour

If you’ve spent time climbing peaks or wandering across the alpine tundra in Colorado, you’re probably familiar with the squeaky “Eeeep!” of the American pika. Hikers who spot pika are often charmed by these cute but bold relatives of rabbits and hares. Pikas are sensitive to climate-driven changes in temperature, snowpack and vegetation, and depend on healthy alpine ecosystems. Colorado’s

“Why Science Matters” with Sheril Kirshenbaum on October 3rd

Why does science matter? Science matters because it powers our lives. Scientific understandings have built the foundations of modern society in more ways than we can count, but the sheer complexity of modern science is daunting. Understanding and interpreting scientific information can be challenging, but it is vital to understand the facts before making those important personal and societal decisions

Walking Mountains Hosts Colorado Corridors Project Training

Avid hikers have a unique opportunity to volunteer with the Colorado Corridors Project to help researchers with a wildlife monitoring study using remote camera traps. At an elevation of over 10,000 feet, Vail Pass has been identified as an ecologically significant site both statewide and regionally as an essential habitat corridor for many wildlife species – especially snow-dependent species such

Calling All Archaeology Enthusiasts!

The Colorado Archaeological Society and the Office of the State Archaeologist of Colorado will be offering an amazing opportunity at Walking Mountains in October – the first class in a journey toward PAAC Certification!  PAAC (The Program for Avocational Archaeological Certification) is a mutually beneficial educational program for avocational (hobbyist) and professional archaeologists.  It allows CAS members and other citizens

Crested Butte Invitational – Visit Colorado's Most Majestic Scenery This September

Crested Butte in September is truly golden. Aspen leaves flaunt peak color among some of Colorado’s most majestic scenery and although known world wide as the wildflower capital of Colorado, the area’s fall foliage competes formidably for breathtaking beauty and rare photo opps. This Fall Invitational will take you and a small group of curious explorers on a 3 night