Feathers and Their Versatility

As I study the bird feeders in my backyard this spring, I find myself marveling at the variety of patterns that feathers allow. Stripes, patches, streaks, colors, and mottles: these are the details birders use to differentiate the many bird varieties that don’t have other telltale physical attributes. Although we appreciate them for advertising a bird’s species, sex, and health,

Bird Songs

There are many beautiful aspects of winter. Some love the blanket of white strewn across the mountains. Others enjoy recreation that celebrates the unique qualities of snow. I think the part I enjoy most is the noise dampening value of snow. To be immersed in silent, white woods is a wondrous thing. As we run into March, however, that silence

A Robin Revolution!

If you’ve noticed a lot of robins around this winter, you’re not alone. Journey North, an online network where citizen scientists report bird activity, has had more than 400 reports of unusual robin activity just this past January. Locally, we’ve also had numerous reports of robins raising havoc and they have been observed down in the towns and valleys during

Time to Talk Turkey! Merriam's Wild Turkeys Thrive in Mountain Regions

What is known as “turkey time” is right around the corner again. A time for families and friends to celebrate all things they are thankful for, usually gathering around a table piled high with white and dark meat from our favorite holiday avian species, the turkey. Right here in Colorado we have some species of wild turkey – interesting animals