Winter Adventures Beyond the Lifts

To me, winter is the accumulation of everything I love about the natural world frozen and put on display, crystalline and shimmering. Bird song seems more vibrant as it echoes off snow-covered cliff sides and tracks left in fresh powder reveal to us the past marchings of wild things. Right around this time, mid-January, the winter season seems to settle

Free Screening of Emmy Award-Winning Documentary Chasing Ice Followed by a Live Q&A with James Balog

Join the Environment Committee of the 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, Walking Mountains Science Center and Earth Vision Institute on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 from 7:30pm-9:30pm at the Vilar Performing Arts Center in Beaver Creek, CO for a free screening of the Emmy® award-winning film, Chasing Ice. The film will be followed with a live Q&A with James Balog,

Get Transported to Nepal with Ice Climber and First-Ever Marmot Ambassador Jim Nowak

Who would have thought that spending a night in an ice cave 22,000 feet above sea level and picking glass shards out of a companion’s eye could serve as inspiration for a lifelong philanthropic commitment? Certainly not Jim Nowak, and that is only part of the story behind this mountaineer, ice climber, and sustainable champion’s dedication to inspiring and helping

Detective Work in the Cold

Sometimes being a naturalist is a lot like being a detective. One of the main requirements is to be overly observant of the world around me while looking for clues in the form of interesting specimens, signs, and stages in the forest to share with participants on my programs. This is especially exciting during the wintertime in our snow-covered landscape

Fascinating Facets Part 2 of 2 – Snow Science

In Part 1, we learned that snow is always changing as it falls from the sky and then as it settles in our snowpack. Although we associate snow with cold, it actually acts as an important insulator for the ground and all of the Colorado critters that live here throughout the winter. Grains of snow trap air that act much

Fascinating Facets Part 1 of 2 – Snow Science

Living in Eagle County, we can all consider ourselves familiar with snow. We either fight it or love it all winter, but how often do we stop to appreciate its intricate and delicate nature? Snow, specifically individual crystals, are unique, but also undergo constant change, or metamorphosis, as they fall from the sky and turn into grains in our snowpack.

Forensic Science with DMNS

Kids Forensics Lab with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

  Who done it?  Use forensic science to solve a murder mystery! Is your child the next Gil Grissom?  Let them become a crime scene investigator for an afternoon as Walking Mountains welcomes the Denver Museum of Nature and Science back to Avon to present a kids forensics lab.  Dig into forensic science and analyze crime evidence such as blood