Camping With Kids

Here in the Colorado we have beautiful terrain and outdoor activities providing unique and exciting experiences.  We like to share those experiences with everyone, including our kids. Bringing kids into nature is essential to their future development as young outdoorsmen and women. Getting outside with your children is one of the most important things that you can do for your

Dissection Investigation!

Bring hands-on, investigatory learning to your children through dissection!  Join Walking Mountains Science Center on Saturday, March 10th from 2:00-4:00 pm to interact with organisms in a new and dynamic way.  While conducting two different dissections, participants will develop their observation and comparison skills by noting the differences and similarities between vertebrates and invertebrates.  First by conducting and recording exterior

Write Nature a Love Note with the Nature Writing Workshop

Children are often the most observant explorers of the natural world around us, but they may not have the skills to put their discoveries into words. This workshop will combine the experience of nature exploration and the practice of children’s inherent observational with the art of poetry. Join Walking Mountains Science Center with special guest poet Jodie Hollander for a

Walking Mountains Offering Two Mid-Winter Break Camps

Looking for something to keep your middle school student occupied during Eagle County School District’s February winter break? Walking Mountains Science Center will be offering two days of School’s Out Camp to provide engaging learning opportunities coupled with outdoor adventure and fun. These camps are designed to keep your child entertained and engaged during the Eagle County School District’s mid-winter

Chemistry: Safety Goggles Required Youth Program

Chemistry can be explosively fun! From endothermic to exothermic, come and explore the science behind mixtures with John McConnell Math & Science Center.  Through demonstrations and hands-on activities, participants will create fire bubbles, instant clouds, thermo sensitive slime, elephant toothpaste, and much more!  Just don’t forget to wear your safety goggles!  Changes in color, bubbling and fizzing, light production, smoke,

Colorado Native Youth Program This Weekend!

Travel back in time to learn about Colorado’s history. Calling all kids to come out to Walking Mountains Science Center to learn life skills from the state’s American Indian cultures. Walking Mountains is partnering with Denver Museum of Nature and Science to present an hour long Colorado Native program for Kindergarten through 6th graders. Before the Anglo settlers moved into

Winter Adventures Beyond the Lifts

To me, winter is the accumulation of everything I love about the natural world frozen and put on display, crystalline and shimmering. Bird song seems more vibrant as it echoes off snow-covered cliff sides and tracks left in fresh powder reveal to us the past marchings of wild things. Right around this time, mid-January, the winter season seems to settle