Fascinating Facets Part 2 of 2 – Snow Science

In Part 1, we learned that snow is always changing as it falls from the sky and then as it settles in our snowpack. Although we associate snow with cold, it actually acts as an important insulator for the ground and all of the Colorado critters that live here throughout the winter. Grains of snow trap air that act much

Fascinating Facets Part 1 of 2 – Snow Science

Living in Eagle County, we can all consider ourselves familiar with snow. We either fight it or love it all winter, but how often do we stop to appreciate its intricate and delicate nature? Snow, specifically individual crystals, are unique, but also undergo constant change, or metamorphosis, as they fall from the sky and turn into grains in our snowpack.

Walking Mountains Science Center Reporting the Weather in Avon CO

Did you know there is a new weather station in Avon CO?  That’s right!  Walking Mountains Science Center recently installed a WeatherBug station at the center.  Now you can get accurate readings from the Eagle Valley floor.  WeatherBug can be installed as an app on any smart phone or you can access us online through a zip code lookup at www.weatherbug.com . We also like this comprehensive Avon weather link ,