Fresh Off the Trail: Monkshood Wildflower Sighting

Located in wet environments from the Front Range to the sub-alpine are the deep purple blooms of the monkshood wildflower (Aconitum Columbianum). These unique blooms are regularly mistaken for Larkspur, another common purple bloom in our area (Eagle County, Vail). Look for the distinct “hood” shape that encloses the flowers stamens allowing only a small entrance for pollinating insects. While

Fresh Off the Trail: Parry’s Primrose Sighting

Named for Charles Parry, the famous collector of western plants, these bright magenta blooms are common in the early summer in wet environments. Parry first observed these flowers in 1861 “near the headwaters of Clear Creek” Colorado. The showy blooms might catch your eye but don’t bother touching these flowers, the slightest touch will release a putrid odor from the

Fresh Off the Trail: Stonecrop Wildflower Sighting

Look for this yellow succulent growing among the granite boulders on Cross Creek or Bighorn Creek. Stonecrop is a variety of sedum, and was first described in the Pike Peak area by John Torrey in 1820. Sedum varieties are great for xeriscaping and Walking Mountains Science Center even has sedum growing on their roof! Check out our comprehensive Colorado Wildflower Guide here! When you participate in one of