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How important is climate change to Eagle County, Colorado? We asked that question, and found that 86% percent of 1,100+ local respondents are “alarmed” or “concerned” about climate change. Other evidence supports this finding, and it’s now clear that the Eagle Valley not only considers climate change a serious issue, but is ready to do something about it.

Good news: More than 30 local businesses, organizations, nonprofits and governments ARE doing something about it, and that something is called the Climate Action Collaborative. The Collaborative’s goal is simple: reduce carbon emissions 25% by 2025 and 80% by 2050. It’s a big goal, and a goal that a large portion of Eagle County feels is one of the most important issues of our generation. Perhaps it is especially clear to us here in the mountains, where much of our economy rises and falls with snowfall totals and the precious water that runs through our streams and rivers.

2018 Climate Action Collaborative Annual Report:

Help Us Reach Our Climate Action Goals

We can’t meet our Climate Action Collaborative goals without your help. You can take part and YOU can make a difference. Throughout this site you will find updates from the Collaborative and recommended actions anyone can take to help us reach our goals by 2025 and 2050. From energy efficiency in your home or business to recycling tips and tricks and free energy saving resources like rebates to events including LED light bulb swaps we strive to educate the Eagle Valley community about all the small things we can do, together, to help us reach our goal.

It can seem daunting and we are often asked, “where should I start?” It’s simple. Take the Climate Action Pledge and we will keep you updated on the most efficient ways to help you reach your personal Climate Action goals and together, we will strive to #BeBetterTogether.

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Every year over 65,000 tons of waste is hauled from our homes and businesses and buried in the Eagle County landfill which produces methane, a climate pollutant 84x more potent than CO2. The Materials Management Task Force is working toward not only reducing the amount of waste we produce, but also ensuring we are properly diverting any waste we can away from the landfill.

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Buildings generate 60% of the climate pollution in our community, and most of our building stock is older, inefficient and leaky. The buildings team is cutting emissions by improving the efficiency of existing buildings, and supporting high performance in new buildings.

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Most Eagle County residents commute and run errands up and down the valley in single occupancy vehicles. The transportation team is working to reduce the number of cars on the road.

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Currently, 39% of the Holy Cross Energy energy mix is made up from renewable sources, while 59% is made up of coal-fired power plants. In order to achieve carbon neutrality, our community will need to expand the deployment of renewable energy. The energy group is working on means of accomplishing this.

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