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Energy Smart Building Science Series


June 2
3:00 pm
Are you planning an update to your home or business? Learn about the rebates that you could apply to your project and how to sign up to make the most of your budget!
Sit in on our Energy Smart Building Science webinar series the first Wednesday of every month for a short 30 minute presentation. We will be discussing and reviewing our energy efficient rebates from Energy Smart Colorado through Walking Mountains Sustainability. You will be provided information from the industry and energy saving data for our region during the webinar and the next steps to start your project!

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April 7: This month we will be exploring heat pump technology. It can be used in a number different ways in your home, including heating and cooling, water heating, and your clothes dryer. Though most of us have experienced this technology, it may not be common knowledge. Join us to find out how this technology is used in our homes and how it works!

May 5: Do you have a basement? Do you want to know ways that you can maximize its energy potential? Join the Energy Programs team from Walking Mountains Science Center to learn how to optimize your basement space for comfort, safety, and energy savings.

June 2: How well do you know your attic? Did you know that your attic contributes to a large part of the comfort in your home? The condition of your attic greatly determines the energy efficiency of your home. If it is not properly sealed and insulated, you may be using more energy than needed. Join us to learn how this space affects your home.


June 2
3:00 pm - 3:45 pm
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