EVOM Project Components

The Eagle Valley Outdoor Movement is divided into three components:

Programs – EVOM partners have created a continuum of outdoor and environmental education programs – to occur during the school day and out-of-school hours – with age-appropriate, outdoor learning and exploration opportunities for youth in preschool through twelfth grade. EVOM partners, like Eagle Valley Land Trust, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Eagle River Watershed Council and more, will offer community-based family programs weekly and free of charge within the neighborhoods of Eagle River Village and Lake Creek Village.

Pathways – In collaboration with Eagle County School’s Career X program, EVOM partners will offer environmental leadership development opportunities for high school students.  Edwards area high school students (10-15 each year) will have the opportunity to participate in the Environmental Leadership Program: comprehensive program that allows students to learn and experience different facets of local environmental organizations, eventually leading to paid internships within their organization of choice. Individualized mentorship opportunities are also offered through the Pathways component.

Places – EVOM will increase access to outdoor spaces for our low-income neighborhoods in Edwards. EVOM has focused on the community of Eagle River Village Mobile Home Park and the county run community of Lake Creek Village. With the implementation of the Eagle Valley Outdoor Movement, these Edwards neighborhoods will see new nature playgrounds for youth and outdoor gathering areas for families, along with increased safety measures that will allow residents to access existing amenities like the bike path along Highway 6 and the Eagle River. These improvements will provide youth with close-to-home destinations where they can build confidence in outdoors with their entire families.

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