Citizen Science & Stewardship Series

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Get your hands dirty, and contribute to real science and stewardship projects going on here in Eagle County! If you’ve ever wondered what research ecologists do out in the field, been interested in citizen science but felt uncomfortable travelling into the backcountry on your own, wondered how trails are designed & built, or wanted to do a little science while out on your hikes, then this series is for you!

All program participants must carry a mask or other face covering on them for the duration of all programs. Masks must be worn when:

  • In any Walking Mountains transportation vehicles
  • During the pre-hike environmental briefing
  • During any group educational stops, lunch, or other times on the trail where 6 foot distance is not maintained

While hiking on the trail, hikers do not need to wear their masks as long as 6 foot social distance is maintained along the trail.

Read our Full COVID-19 Policies Here

The Front Range Pika Project is a citizen science initiative that engages the public in field research on the potential impacts of climate change on American pika in alpine ecosystems across Colorado. The data collected is used by researchers and land managers to inform efforts to conserve American pika and alpine ecosystems.

On our Pika Project field days you will join a Walking Mountains backcountry guide, and a group of fellow citizen scientists and trek into the backcountry to collect data on the signs & presence of pika at FRPP long-term monitoring sites! You were learn all about the cutest of alpine critters and their importance in our ecosystem. Additionally, you will be trained in how to use the pika project’s mobile app to collect your own data, and contribute to this citizen science project any time you’re hiking high in the alpine! Join us for an adventurous outing into the backcountry (often off trail) and help collect meaningful data while you’re at it! Hikes to monitoring sites vary from long treks on maintained trails, to off trail bushwacks. For more information on the details for a specific date reach out to

Pika Project field days are free, however space is limited and pre-registration is required.
Program Length: 6-8 hours.

New York Mountain, September 4     REGISTER

iNaturalist is a mobile app that allows you to contribute to collect scientific data on the presence and distribution of animal and plant species across the globe! This data helps contribute to biodiversity science and data is shared with databases that help scientists access and use your data. Join our backcountry guides for a day out on the trail where we will learn how to use iNaturalist, as well as brush up on our tracking & wildflower identifying skills! With iNaturalist in your pocket, adventures from your morning hikes to multi-day backcountry trips will never be the same!

iNaturalist hikes are free, but space is limited so pre-registration is required.
Program Length: 4-6 hours

Meadow Mountain, June 28     REGISTER

Help contribute to trail projects on the Buck Creek & Avon Overlook trails, adjacent to Walking Mountains’ avon campus! The Adopt-a-Trail program helps maintain miles of trail throughout Eagle County, and this is your opportunity to help make lasting change. Projects range from trail reroutes and building steps to clearing invasive species and building water bars!

Adopt-a-Trail days are free, however space is limited and pre-registration is required.
Program Length: 3-5 hours.

Buck Creek, July 10     REGISTER

Buck Creek, September 20     REGISTER