Kindergarten-1st Grade Earth Explorers Camps




Each week introduces new science themes for our younger explorers who are just getting comfortable in the outdoors. We will stay on the campus of Walking Mountains, using the nature loop trails and indoor and outdoor classrooms to explore. Activities are different each day, but include hiking, crafts, and cool experiments!

This program is for students entering Kindergarten-1st grade.

Youth attending Earth Explorers camps will need to be able to carry a backpack with their lunch and a change of clothes in it on their own.

All Earth Explorers programs are located at our Science Center in Avon. Click here for directions.

Bee Kind, Bee Silly, and Bee Adventurous! Harness an appreciation for pollinators by looking closely into nature and learning all about why bees are so important for the Earth while playing games, making art, and exploring outside!

Monday, June 12 ‘Preciate Pollinators: Learn all about what pollinators are, what they do, and why they deserve so much appreciation!

Wednesday, June 14Flower Power: Figure out how flowers and pollinators rely on each other.

Animals are some of the most amazing artists! Learn about Rocky Mountain animals who create some very impressive homes, nests, webs, and casings to help them survive. We will make our own art pieces inspired by these animals too!

Tuesday, June 13Animal Artists: Learn about the overlap of art and science, create animal art while learning about Colorado native animals.

Thursday, June 15 Animal Architects: Get inspired by some animals who build impressive structures, and create some of your own architecture.

Where do animals live, and how do they build their homes? Spend lots of time sculpting and building habitats and structures inspired by the animals who know the Rocky Mountains as home.

Monday, June 19Habitats: What is a habitat, and what do animals need to live? Find out while searching for clues outside!

Wednesday, June 21 Home Sweet Homes: Where do animals live and how do they build their homes?

Did you hear? Bird is the word, and if we listen carefully, we can hear the songs the birds are singing! Become a birder during this exploration-based camp, learn about different birds and their behaviors, and make your very own bird-inspired songs.

Tuesday, June 20 Be a Birder: Look through binoculars and search high and low for birds while we study their behavior.

Thursday, June 22 Bird Songs: Practice listening to the sounds of birds and create some bird-inspired songs of your own.

Who chewed that tree? Who left that pawprint? There are mysteries to solve all around us outside. Join us in being a trail detective to try and piece together some of these suspicious trail clues.

Monday, June 26Clues and Evidence: Become a detective by learning the skills it takes to solve mysteries.

Wednesday, June 28Animal Behaviors: Find out why animals leave behind clues. What are they doing, and why are they doing it?

Bugs are the best! Learn all about bugs that live on the land and in the water through two observation and exploration filled days!

Tuesday, June 27Terrestrial: Bug out on the land and in the water as we spend our days searching for interesting insects and learning all about their lives.

Thursday, June 29Aquatic: Bug out on the land and in the water as we spend our days searching for interesting insects and learning all about their lives.

Put your eyes to the sky as we discover the fascinating world above us. We’ll look to the clouds, colors, and creatures of the sky for inspiration during this fun-filled art, science, and exploration camp!

Monday, July 10Eyes to the Sky: Make sky-themed art while learning about why the sky is always changing.

Wednesday, July 12Fly High: Spread your wings and take flight! Find out how our feathered and winged friends soar through the sky.

Astronauts assemble! Get ready for the ultimate space mission. Find out what it’s like out in space, build your own rocket, and blast off!

Tuesday, July 11Space is the Place: Go on an astronaut space mission to find out about the different features that make up the universe!

Thursday, July 13Astronauts Assemble: Build your very own rocket ship and blast off all the way into space.

Help us find all the colors of the rainbow in nature, and learn about what weather conditions help rainbows to form while making colorful rainbow art, playing games, and exploring!

Monday, July 17Colors in Nature: Find all the colors of the rainbow in nature, and make rainbow-inspired art.

Wednesday, July 19What in the Weather?: What does it take to create a rainbow? Go on a scavenger hunt to find all the ingredients needed to form a rainbow!

Descend the mountains and you may find yourself in the high desert. Discover the incredible plants and animals that live in the deserts of Colorado and how they survive the hot heat!

Tuesday July 18Desert Living: Learn what plants and animals live in the high deserts of Colorado.

Thursday, July 20It’s Hot Out!: Explore the ways that animals have adapted to thrive in the hot heat. Harness the sun’s energy to make a solar oven and solar art.

Follow the flow of water from the mountains to the rivers and lakes, and learn all about our fantastic fishy friends!

Monday, July 24 Fish for Facts: Go fishing for facts about the local ecosystem where our aquatic friends live.

Wednesday, July 26Follow the Flow: Follow the flow of water and understand how it is moved through the water cycle.

It’s not quite a plant, and it’s not quite an animal…it’s fungus! Come learn all about what fungus is and why it’s so cool all while exploring!

Tuesday, July 25Fun with Fungus: What is fungus and why do we care about it?

Thursday, July 27 Fungi Town: Where can we find fungus and how is it connected to other living things?

Colorado is home to some very cool cats! Learn about the three big cats who know the Rocky Mountains as their home and their special adaptations which help them survive here.

Monday, July 31Cats are Carnivores: Learn about which cats live in Colorado, and the special qualities that make them predators.

Wednesday, August 2 Surviving and Thriving: Learn about Colorado Cats’ cool adaptations and how they survive in the Meowntains!

Do you really dig dinos?! Find out how fossils form and how fossils can be used to figure out what the world may have looked like long ago when dinosaurs roamed the Earth!

Tuesday, August 1 Fun with Fossils: Figure out how fossils form, learn about being a paleontologist, and find cool fossils and rocks.

Thursday, August 3 Diggin’ Dinos: From fossils, predict what ancient dinosaurs may have looked like, and learn all about dinos!

Learn about some rad reptiles and awesome amphibians while exploring in this exciting science-adventure camp.

Monday, August 7Rad Reptiles: Lizards, snakes, and turtles! Learn about the reptiles that live in Colorado.

Wednesday, August 9Awesome Amphibians: Slimy salamanders and frumpy frogs- find out what amphibians are and which ones can be found in Colorado.

Have you ever wondered what’s so wonderful about worms? Wriggle your way through the dirt to discover why these slimy little creatures are so important!

Tuesday, August 8What in the Worm?: Learn about what worms are and the ways they have adapted to navigate through the soil.

Thursday, August 10Worm Waste: It sounds a little silly, but a worm’s waste is ultra important! Learn about vermiculture (worm compost), make an edible cup of dirt, and dig to your heart’s desire.