Kindergarten-1st Grade Earth Explorers Camps

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Join us as we explore a new scientific topic each week in a two day camp! Each week we will introduce new science themes for our younger explorers and stay on the campus of Walking Mountains Science Center. Activities will be different each day, but will include hiking, crafts, and cool experiments!

Sessions are age-appropriate and taught by qualified natural science educators that make learning safe and fun. This program is for students entering kindergarten through 1st grade.

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Extended Care Hours
We will be offering early drop-off (7:30 – 8:30 am) and late pick-up (4:30 – 5:30 pm) for all Avon based day camps for an additional fee ($5 per morning or afternoon extended care). Normal drop-off (8:30-9:00 am) and pick-up (4:00-4:30 pm) hours are still available at no extra cost. There is no afternoon extended care on Fridays, join us for Watermelon Picnic Presentations.

All Earth Explorers programs are held at our Science Center in Avon. Click here for driving directions.


Get to know the animals who live in our backyard while we spend time exploring and searching for clues about their special adaptations, favorite foods, and homes.


Monday, July 6Follow our furry friends through their daily lives in Colorado!

Wednesday, July 8Who ate who? Help solve this food chain mystery and more on this exciting day of adventure.

Become a paleontologist and dig for fossils, create a volcanic eruption, and learn about the creatures who roamed the Earth before humans.

Tuesday, June 16Create a volcanic eruption, study marine fossils, and get to the core of Colorado’s geologic history!

Thursday, June 18Become a paleontologist and dig for clues about what ancient creatures roamed the Earth during the Age of the Dinosaurs and the Ice Age!


Este campamento tendrá un instructor bilingüe.

Explore chemical and physical reactions as you build rockets and create slimy substances!

Monday, July 13Don’t forget your lab coat as we mix secret ingredients to create messy masterpieces.

Wednesday, July 15 – Try your hand as a rocket scientist as you build and set off your own rocket.

Este campamento tendrá un instructor bilingüe.

Come explore Colorado’s ever-changing weather from thunderstorms to calm bluebird days! 

Tuesday, July 14 Become a mini meteorologist as you experiment with the forces that create our weather.

Thursday, July 16 Take flight as you explore rainbows, clouds, and all types of precipitation!

Stewards to the rescue! Steward Superheroes understand the importance of taking care of our planet. Every day they use their powers to make the world a better place by reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Monday, July 27 – Reduce, reuse, and recycle! Today we will use our superpowers to transform trash! Discover nature’s way of breaking down materials, and create art out of recycled materials.

Wednesday, July 29 – Learn the importance of caring for the earth as a steward superhero by using your powers to plant seeds and explore how plants create and use energy.

Use your observation skills to look high and low! We will follow our feathered and furry friends as we learn to identify the signs they leave for us to find.

Tuesday, July 28 – Sing like a songbird! We will listen to bird calls, study their specialized feathers, and go on a bird watching adventure of our own. 

Thursday, July 30 – Tackle tracks as you learn to identify signs of local Colorado creatures!

Look to the stars for the answers as we use the nighttime as our inspiration. Uncover the spectacular ways nocturnal animals find their way in the dark.

Monday, August 3 Discover the amazing adaptations of nocturnal animals.

Wednesday, August 5 – Explore how the starry night has inspired stories in the sky.

Have you ever wondered how a plant breathes? Use your scientific skills to uncover this and many other plant mysteries as we explore tall trees, tiny sprouts, and buzzing bees!

Tuesday, August 4 – Tackle the mystery of how towering trees help keep our world clean!

Thursday, August 6 – Investigate the relationships between plants and pollinators and the mystery behind why flowers bloom!

Set out on an insect safari! Get to know the special world of insects, and why these tiny creatures are so hugely important.

Monday, August 10 – Get to know the different parts of an insect and peer into the process of pollination.

Wednesday, August 12 – From egg, to caterpillar, to chrysalis, become a butterfly! Learn about insects that undergo metamorphosis and what makes them so marvelous.

Make a splash as we slosh and skip through puddles and ponds, exploring the different ways that animals rely on water.

Tuesday, August 11 – Get up close and personal with pond life and discover how animals rely on this body of water.

Thursday, August 13 – Use a microscope to look at the tiniest pond critters, and make your own map of this waterful world.

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