Executive, Development & Marketing

Kim Langmaid

Founder & Vice President, Sustainability Programs

Kim is the visionary and founder of Walking Mountains Science Center, she recently returned to head up Sustainability department and programs.  Meet Kim >

Markian Feduschak


Markian is focused on leadership development, effective team building, staff training, and risk management. He loves spending time outdoors with his wife and two daughters.  Meet Markian >

Lara Carlson

Senior Programs Director

Lara oversees the Youth and Community Programs happening on-site at Walking Mountains and with our partner organizations. She has been with Walking Mountains in various roles since our inception as Gore Range Natural Science School!  Meet Lara >

Patty White

Vice President, Development

Patty joined Walking Mountains in January 2015 as Vice President of Development, responsible for overseeing the development team and setting the strategy for future growth. Meet Patty >

Gabriella Matus

Senior Director of Business Operations

Gabriella joined the team in April of 2015. Previously, she worked for the Youth Foundation. More details to come as she gets settled in!

Gina Van Hekken

Director of Grants & Strategic Initiatives

Gina joined Walking Mountains in 2007 as Youth Programs Director. She is now a part of the Development Team, writing education grants to support both Youth and Community Programs.  Meet Gina >

Paul Abling

Marketing & Communications Director

A Colorado native, Paul grew up in Arvada Colorado and joined Walking Mountains in March 2018 after serving for many local organizations including the Vail Valley Foundation, Vail Valley Partnership and Vail Daily.   Meet Paul >

Lizzy Owens

Associate Director of Development

Lizzy relocated from the Washington, DC area to join the Walking Mountains Development Team in June 2018. Meet Lizzy >

Rose Delles

Finance and Accounting Manager

Rose Delles has worked for Walking Mountains since 2010 in a variety of roles, most recently assisting the Finance and Development departments. Meet Rose>

Kathleen O’Toole Gilles

Human Resources Generalist

Kathleen recently joined the Walking Mountains organization as Human Resources Generalist in May 2018.  She was born and raised in St. Louis, MO, but has called the Vail Valley home since 2006.  Meet Kathleen >

Mackenzie Koffenberger

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Mackenzie is a transplant from Rochester NY and has been living in the Vail Valley for the last five years. Meet Mackenzie >

Tessa Allen

Development Coordinator

Tessa joined Walking Mountains Science Center in August 2017. As the Development Coordinator, she helps manage the donor database as well as provide support for special events. Meet Tessa >

Maria Burciaga-Alaniz

Eagle Valley Outdoor Movement Coordinator

Maria was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and moved to Eagle County in 2013.  She graduated from Colorado Mountain College with her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration in August 2017. Meet Maria >

Landyn Mills

Grants Associate

Landyn recently joined the Walking Mountains family to assist the development team in securing new grants. Meet Landyn >

Youth Programs

Chris Cohen

Youth Programs Director

10 years after teaching at Gore Range Natural Science School as an educator fellow, Chris rejoined the Walking Mountains staff in 2018 as Youth Programs Director. She loves to teach about the natural world and hopes to inspire students of all ages to become stewards of their own backyards. Meet Chris >

Jaymee Squires

Graduate Programs Director

Jaymee heads up graduate studies at Walking Mountains, she is a whiz with edible plants and enjoys reading, hiking, camping, canoeing and being outside. Meet Jaymee >

Dustin Hall

School Programs Coordinator

After 4 years of teaching environmental education in the Roaring Fork Valley, Dustin joined Walking Mountains in May 2018. As the School Programs Coordinator, Dustin is excited to continue to foster relationships with students, teachers, and administrators throughout the Eagle Valley. Meet Dustin >

Haley Baker

Sowing Seeds Coordinator

An Ohio native, Haley fell in love with the Rockies as a Naturalist and Sustainability Intern at Walking Mountains. As Sowing Seeds Coordinator, Haley is thrilled to have the chance to inspire local students to get their hands dirty in their school gardens.  Meet Haley >

Megan Carter

Girls in Science Coordinator

Megan grew up in a small town named Black Diamond, WA, nestled in the foothills near Mount Rainier. She developed a fondness for the outdoors early-on rafting rivers all around the Pacific Northwest, climbing moss covered fruit trees in her front yard, and spending summers swimming in Puget Sound.  Meet Megan >

Paul Leininger

STEM Curiosity Lab Coordinator

From the small state of Delaware, Paul has a huge love for nature and everything outdoors! Meet Paul >

Rachel Holland

Environmental Stewardship Associate

Rachel grew up in the suburbs of Boston and has a degree in Environmental Science and Policy. She has been living in the valley seasonally since 2016. Meet Rachel >

Iza Ruffino

Environmental Stewardship Associate

Iza was born and raised in Michigan, where she gained her love for the natural world from the Great Lakes. She later moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, where she got her Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies and French. Meet Iza >

Katherine Trudeau

Graduate Fellow & Educator

Kate’s passion for the outdoors can be contributed to growing up alongside nature in the Adirondack Park. Most recently she taught science and outdoor leadership in Anchorage Alaska. Her experiences have led her to dedicate her professional life towards making science and nature accessible to everyone. Meet Katherine >

Ashley Daniels

Graduate Fellow & Educator

Ashley Daniels grew up in Chicago and graduated from Purdue University where she conducted undergraduate research studying the effects of water quality on salamander growth. Meet Ashley >  

Leah Weisman

Graduate Fellow & Educator

Leah Weisman grew up in Newton, Massachusetts and had her formative outdoor experiences in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire. Meet Leah >

Aidan Goldie

Graduate Fellow & Educator

Growing up, Aidan called many different locations home, with the outdoors as a connecting theme. After graduating from the University of Colorado with a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Aidan is very excited to join Walking Mountains as a graduate fellow in summer 2018. Meet Aidan >

Nicholas Scarborough

Graduate Fellow & Educator

From South Carolina to Tennessee, Indiana, Oregon, and Wyoming, Nicholas has found Colorado to be the place that truly feels like home. Meet Nicholas >

Iva Reckling

Summer Educator

Iva grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming and has always had a great love for spending time outdoors. Meet Iva >

Joanna Brinker-Pennock

Summer Educator

Jo was born in Northern California. At 15 she moved to Cape Cod, MA where she finished high school. Meet Jo >

Cassy Brown

Summer Educator

Cassy’s love for nature started at a young age. Wanting to provide others with similar outdoor experiences, Cassy got a degree in Recreation and Eco-psychology from Western Washington University. Meet Cassy >

Grace Meinberg

Summer Educator

Grace recently moved to Colorado from Wisconsin. She was drawn to the west for the views, adventures, and new experiences. Meet Grace >

Rebecca Webster

Summer Educator

Rebecca was born and raised in South Carolina. She spent most of her childhood in the outdoors, exploring with her family in the mountains, at the beach and everywhere in between. Meet Rebecca >

Helen Thompson

Summer Educator

Helen is from Minnesota. She studied Geography and Environmental Studies at Gustavus Adolphus College. Meet Helen >

Community Programs

Hannah Rumble

Community Programs Director

Hannah is a self-proclaimed nature nerd hailing from Michigan, where she developed her love of water and all things outdoors. Meet Hannah >

Kaitlyn Merriman

Community Programs Manager

As the Community Programs Manager Kaitlyn oversees programs happening at our Avon location including the volunteer program and early childhood education programs. She was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado and studied Communications at the University of Colorado Boulder. Meet Kaitlyn>

Nathan Boyer-Rechlin

Community Outreach Coordinator

Nathan has been an aspiring mountain man since as early as he can remember. He was born in Nepal, in the foothills of the Himalayas, and grew up exploring the lakes and trails of New York’s Adirondack Mountains. Meet Nathan >

Ben Holstein


Ben is a native Nebraskan who graduated from The Evergreen State College in the spring of 2018, where he got his degree in Environmental Studies Meet Ben >

Sonya Hueftle


Sonya is from Boulder Colorado, and graduated from Colorado State University with a BS in Soil and Crop Sciences with a minor in International Development. Meet Sonya >

Malik Geraci


Malik Geraci was born and raised in Takoma Park, MD where he developed an interest in animals and nature through the Smithsonian National Zoo and the multiple nature centers in and around D.C. Meet Malik >

Karen Woodworth


Karen grew up in Seattle WA, where she spent her summers running around the Olympics and Cascades. She graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Meet Karen >

Fernanda Mora


Fernanda was born in Jalisco, Mexico and raised in nearby Denver, Colorado. She discovered a passion for animals and the outdoors in the 3rd grade when she found The Chimps I love by Jane Goodall. Meet Fernanda >

Aspen Dobbins


Aspen was born and raised on a small farm in Georgia where she developed a love for playing in the dirt and riding horses. Meet Aspen >

Bridget Whyte


Bridget is a native of Upstate New York where she spent much of her younger years underwater or up in trees. Meet Bridget >

Kelly Luebbering


Kelly is a naturalist intern from Cincinnati, Ohio.  She is currently a student at Ohio State University studying environmental science with an emphasis on ecosystem restoration. Meet Kelly >

Austin Averett


Austin Averett is originally from Sarasota, Florida, where his love of nature grew from the ocean, surfing, and fishing. Meet Austin >

Bret Pilkington


Bret is a 21 year old naturalist who currently attends school at CU Boulder as an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major with a minor in Philosophy. Meet Bret >

Scott Dunn


Scott was born and raised in northeast Ohio where he developed his love for the natural world playing and learning in the woods and waters of the Great Lakes. Meet Scott >

Meredith Grupe


Meredith was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan and attended the University of Michigan studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Spanish. Meet Meredith >

Sara Freimuth


Sara was born in Los Angeles, California, but grew up in a small town just outside of Madison, Wisconsin. Meet Sara >

Hannah Taub


Hannah Taub is a Naturalist Intern at Walking Mountains Science Center. She grew up in Washington, D.C., and first discovered her love of nature at sleepaway camp in the mountains of Maryland. Meet Hannah >

Ellie Katz


Ellie is a Texas/Michigan native who will be a junior at University of Michigan in the fall, where she studies Environmental Studies, Organizational Studies, and Literary Translation. Meet Ellie >

Sustainability Programs

Kim Langmaid

Founder & Vice President, Sustainability Programs

Kim is the visionary and founder of Walking Mountains Science Center, she recently returned to head up Sustainability department and programs.  Meet Kim >

Melissa Kirr

Sustainability Programs Director

Melissa has a passion for the environment and loves sharing it through the efforts of Walking Mountains. She has lived in Colorado’s Central Rocky Mountains for over 15 years.  Meet Melissa >

Nikki Maline

Energy Programs Director

Nikki is an Energy Coach for local homeowners and businesses. She oversees the local Energy Smart Analyst team, manages the Energy Smart Assessment process and rebate programs, and provides Realtor training on Energy Efficiency. She loves sharing sustainability ideas with others, experiencing nature and seeing new things.  Meet Nikki >

Kim Schlaepfer

Climate Action Collaborative Project Manager

Kim manages the working groups of the Climate Action Collaborative with the goal of helping Eagle County reach it’s greenhouse gas emission reduction targets by 2050. She has a passion for sustainability (and skiing) and a drive to make the world a better place. Meet Kim >

Kate Manzer

Sustainability Programs Coordinator

Kate joins Walking Mountains Science Center in June 2019 as the Sustainability Programs Coordinator for the Actively Green Sustainable Business Training and Certification Program. Meet Kate >

Lauren Dériaz

Energy Programs Coordinator

After spending time in the Colorado Rockies, Lauren completed her Master’s in Public Administration in Denver where she studied how public and non-profit organizations can build sustainable communities. Meet Lauren >

Nina Waysdorf

Sustainability Programs Coordinator

Nina grew up in Denver and recently finished her graduate degree in the Masters of the Environment program at University of Colorado, Boulder. Meet Nina >

Stephen Beane

Actively Green Intern

Stephen was born and raised in south east Michigan where he developed a passion for the outdoors through camping and spending time on the lakes. Meet Stephen >

Elise Matera

Sustainability Intern

Elise is from Chapel Hill, NC and spent the first half of her life in Cleveland, OH. She graduated from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. Meet Elise >

Miki Salamon

Sustainability Intern

Originally hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, Miki grew up constantly spending time outdoors.  Meet Miki >

Jake Watroba

Sustainability Intern

As a recent graduate from The Ohio State University, Jake is excited to begin his career in sustainability at Walking Mountains Science Center. Meet Jake >

Taylor Stewart

Sustainability Intern

Taylor’s roots are in Kansas, where she is currently completing her education in Life Science, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, and Nonprofit Leadership at Kansas State University. Meet Taylor >

Ingrid Lindquist

Sustainability Intern

Ingrid is a graduate of the University of Michigan where she studied Sustainable Development through the School of Environment and Sustainability (SEAS), and minored in writing. Meet Ingrid >