Walking Mountains Income-Qualified Program

At Walking Mountains Science Center we strive to be inclusive to all of our community members. We offer increased energy efficiency support to income-qualified homes. This includes the following services to reduce energy bills and improve safety of the home:

  • Free Home Energy Assessments
  • Free energy coaching from a qualified analyst
  • Connections to qualified contractors for installation of energy saving measures
  • Increased rebate incentives if you have qualifying work done on your home

Our internal income-qualified incentives include:

  • FREE Home Energy Assessment (normally $100)
  • $2,000 for Weatherization (air sealing, insulation, duct sealing, crawl space conditioning, balanced ventilation, cellular shades, storm windows, SMART controls, LEDs, refrigerators, HVAC tune-up, radon mitigation)
  • $2,000 for Solar PV
  • $4,000 for Electrification – must be fuel switching (includes: heat pump & induction technology, electric fireplace w/ a no heat setting, electrical upgrade as needed for electrification, battery storage)Specific rebate details shown above are annual max amounts per household (which may go towards one or more projects until max is reached). The time frame allowed for applying for a rebate is 3 months (or 90 days) from date on a paid invoice. There is a 80% of project cost max allowed back in rebate(s) when also considering all utility rebates. Each measure has specific requirements to qualify, please talk with an Energy Coach at Walking Mountains before starting your project.


  • Homeowners & Renters (with landlord approval)
  • Households earning up to 120% area median income – income verification required

How to get started:

  1. Click here to fill out the application, submit, and then wait for approval.
  2. Once approved, an Energy Smart Colorado coach will contact you to schedule a free home energy assessment.
  3. Your coach will help you address the energy needs of your home, at no cost to you.

Need more information? If you have questions or need help with the application process, please contact:
Energy Smart Colorado at Walking Mountains Science Center

Income Qualification: