Austin Averett


Austin Averett is originally from Sarasota, Florida, where his love of nature grew from the ocean, surfing, and fishing. He started to work with kids and taught them about marine conservation when he was in high school. Then began working at different summer programs and camps to further promote sustainability in our youth while pursuing his bachelors in sustainability at Florida Institute of Technology, which he then received in 2017.

Most recently, he was working at a local zoo as a tour guide to educate the public about the zoo’s conservation efforts and the different species they have at the zoo. While working at the zoo, he was, and is currently, pursuing his master’s in interdisciplinary science at Florida Institute of Technology.

During his time off he is usually out surfing, fishing, hiking, longboarding, snowmobiling, or snowboarding. Austin is very excited to learn more about the Rocky Mountains and to make others as enthusiastic as he is about nature. He is hoping to start a career out in Colorado as park ranger, wildlife biologist, or environmental educator, once finished with his master’s degree.