Carly Innis


Carly (she/her), from Springville, California, grew up exploring the Southern Sierras in her backyard. Spending her off-time either in the pool swimming and playing water polo or adventuring in the outdoors, she developed an active lifestyle and love for nature and science. At the University of California San Diego, she studied a range of aspects of environmental sciences, with emphasis in ecology, behavior, evolution, and earth science. Her studies led her on many learning-based adventures along the coast of California, as well as study-abroad programs involving climbing active volcanoes, hiking along glaciers, and venturing through the Alps in Switzerland, France, Italy, and Iceland. From her time as both a student and, currently, an educator, she has developed a passion for sharing natural sciences and a love of nature through experiential and outdoor education. She is looking forward to living among the mountains of Colorado and being part of a like-minded, nature-loving, environmentally-inclined team.