Emmett Bailey

Sustainability Intern

Emmett Bailey (he/him) was born in Lakewood, CO, and grew up in Blue River. He got his Aerospace Engineering degree with a minor in Astrophysics from the University of Colorado in Boulder and will get his Master’s in Public Administration from CU Denver after interning with Walking Mountains. He worked on spacecraft subsystems as an engineering student and realized his passion for the environment and conservation policy, which governed his switch from engineering to public administration. More recently, Emmett worked with the High Country Conservation Center (HC3) as a graduate student to develop private water use policies that will be integrated into their upcoming water plan. Outside of work, Emmett loves to run, hike, ski, camp, and raft with his friends and family. He recently picked up adventure motorcycle riding and loves touring on any twisty and scenic road. He also started sailing and hopes to eventually charter boats in more tropical waters.