Lauren Deriaz

Energy Programs Coordinator
After spending time in the Colorado Rockies, Lauren completed her Master’s in Public Administration in Denver where she studied how public and non-profit organizations can build sustainable communities. She also learned about the benefits of energy efficiency while working for the City and County of Denver’s energy benchmarking team. She has returned to the mountains and is excited to be helping Eagle County protect its beautiful environment through energy efficiency projects.
As a kid, Lauren built a strong connection with nature by spending time with family in the Swiss Alps and on the lake shores of Wisconsin. Her interest in how people interact with their environment led her to pursue a degree in Conservation Biology and a career in environmental education and sustainability. She has previously taught environmental education at several non-profits in Colorado and has taught Denver building owners how to measure their energy consumption. She enjoys teaching and working with people to provide them with new sustainability information and skills.
In her spare time, Lauren enjoys exploring everything Eagle County has to offer, from hiking and skiing the mountains to enjoying tea and a good book along the Eagle River.