Mackenzie Koffenberger

Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Mackenzie is a transplant from Rochester NY and has been living in the Vail Valley for the last five years. Growing up she spent her time climbing trees, playing sports and swimming in the ocean on the coast of New Jersey. After graduating high school, she graduated with a Bachelors in Marketing and Digital Media from the University of Pittsburgh (hail to Pitt!). She worked for the LPGA before coming to the Vail Valley to work at Highline as an Associate Event Producer and graphic designer; then transitioned to the programs manager at the Bookworm of Edwards. She has a passion for the outdoors and found her fit at Walking Mountains– learning from the naturalists, scientists and brilliant colleagues to help make the community aware of all Walking Mountains has to offer.
Outside of the office, she is an avid reader, paddler, hiker, and fitness junkie; unless it’s raining then she is indoors hanging out with her cat, Allie watching HBO.