Natalie Neuwirth

Foley Graduate Fellow

Since graduating in 2017 with a BS in Elementary Education & Spanish and Latin American Studies, I’ve been working mainly as an overseas educator for travel companies. I’ve done about 12 programs internationally, either leading shorter programs (2 weeks-1 month) for middle/high school students or leading longer programs (up to 3 months) for college students (age 18-22). Favorites of my trip leading years include: sea kayaking through Norway’s mighty fjords, rural homestays and language immersion in Thailand, and a week learning about Maori culture in New Zealand. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to help students grow in confidence, gain new perspective, and see the world through a new lease on these programs. I currently live in Hawai´i and am about to lead a 2-month program in Maui focused on different sustainability projects around the island.

I’m also a passionate farmer and try to alternate seasons of trip leading with farmhand jobs, the last being a part of the farm crew at Cure Organic Farm in Boulder, CO. I love getting my hands in the soil! My hobbies, surprisingly enough, include anything to do with the outdoors: hiking, camping, biking, skiing, running, etc. I’m excited about so many things with this fellowship! To teach in the outdoor setting with younger students, to live and play in the beautiful Rockies, to grow as an educator, to be around a community of like-minded people with a good sense of “wonder”, and much more! I’m full of gratitude and hope for the upcoming few years with you!