Sonya Hueftle


Sonya Hueftle is from Boulder Colorado, and graduated from Colorado State University with a BS in Soil and Crop Sciences with a minor in International Development.  While in Fort Collins, she worked at various organic and research farms during the summers.  After graduation, she worked in global supply chain coordination with an international NGO whose focus was supplying small scale irrigation systems to subsistence farmers around the world.

Sonya then accepted a position with the Peace Corps in Panama, and served for two years as a Sustainable Agriculture Systems Technician, working with connecting small scale farmers in the mountain community to education and resources.  During her time there, she helped in the development of 3 farmer groups including one tree nursery.  After her service, she accepted a Peace Corps Response position and worked as a Rural Development Specialist and coordinated with the Panamanian Ministry of Agriculture on training programs for farmers groups.

Once back in the states, Sonya decided to dedicate her time to bringing together two of the most important aspects of life, teaching small groups of people and being close to the natural environment she had grown up in.  She is excited to learn more and share about the wonders of the natural world with others as a naturalist for the summer here in Avon.