Free Eagle County Recycling Drop-Sites

Recycling is a great way to divert a lot of the waste from daily life that would normally end up in a landfill. There are recycling services in the valley that pick up paper, cardboard, and other recyclable materials for a fee directly from your home. But did you know that there are also sites all along the valley where you can drop off your recyclable materials for free? This interactive map will help you find the drop site that is right for you and your recycling needs. After a big move or online order, consider bringing your recyclables to one of these sites so that they can avoid the landfill and be given new life elsewhere.

All of the Recycling sites in the valley are Dual-stream. This means that paper, cardboard, and commingle materials (recyclable plastics, glass, aluminum, etc) have to be separated into separate containers. All drop sites will have 2 or more containers labeled with which materials can be disposed of in each container. If you are interested in utilizing the valley’s composting program, contact Vail Honeywagon to sign up for their community compost drop site program. Recycling on the go? Download the Eagle County Waste Wizard app to keep all of this information conveniently on your phone.

Download the Eagle County Waste Wizard Recycling App!


Vail Drop Site
Location: 75 South Frontage Road, West of the Community Development Building
Materials: Paper, Commingle (Plastic, Aluminum, Glass), Cardboard, Clothes/Shoes, Compost

Red Cliff Drop Site
Location: 400 Pine Street, Behind the Red Cliff Community Center
Materials: Paper, Commingle, Cardboard

Avon Drop Site
Location: 375 Yoder Ave, East End of the Home Depot Parking Lot
Materials: Paper, Commingle, Cardboard

Edwards Drop Site
Location: Edwards Rest Area near the I-70 exit
Materials: Paper, Commingle, Cardboard

Eagle Drop Site
Location: 1050 Chambers Avenue, Town of Eagle Public Works Facility
Materials: Paper, Commingle, Cardboard, Clothes/Shoes

Gypsum Drop Site
Location: 210 Crest Wood Drive, Northwest corner of Ridley’s Market parking lot
Materials: Paper, Commingle, Cardboard



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