Waste Diversion and Reduction

Reducing and diverting our waste are some of the easiest things we, as individuals, can do to help our environment. Through waste diversion and reduction, we can conserve natural resources, reduce emissions, and create an abundance of jobs right here in our community. We can make an immense difference by reducing and reusing whenever we can, recycling and diverting, and educating ourselves and the community on sustainable waste management.

The nationwide average for Material Solid Waste recycling is 32%. Colorado’s waste diversion rate is well below that at 16% (2023). Eagle County recycles almost more than triple the statewide average, hitting a waste diversion rate of 31.4% in 2022—but there is more to be done. Learn more about how you can reduce, recycle, and practice waste diversion in Eagle County through our waste diversion and reduction programs!

Eagle County Waste Wizard

Wondering what you can recycle in your Eagle Valley community? Or where to properly dispose of your waste? Make waste diversion enjoyable with the Eagle County Waste Wizard! Simply enter the item you are looking to dispose of below and we’ll tell you if it can be recycled or where it can be disposed of properly. Enter the item below or click on the app links to download our mobile app to always have an answer at your fingertips! Waste diversion has never been so much fun!

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Zero Waste Events

Walking Mountains provides education and outreach about recycling and composting while supporting special events with their environmental sustainability initiatives. The Walking Mountains Zero Waste program is available to special events in the Eagle Valley on a contract service basis. Each event is unique and requires planning and coordination with event staff and vendors to ensure successful waste diversion and reduction. We will provide expertise, coordination, trained staff and volunteers, and so much more to ensure each event is a sustainability success. With our help, you can make waste diversion an important part of planning your event.

In 2023, we worked 130 days of events and diverted 60,469 pounds of waste from the landfill through recycling and composting, with a total diversion rate of 86.01%

FREE Recycling Tours

Join us for a FREE guided tour of the Eagle County materials recovery, landfill, household hazardous waste facilities and other waste reduction centers!

Have you ever wondered what happens to your recycled items after you leave them at the curb or drop them off at a recycling drop-site? Want to find out what happens to diverted waste that is sent to an Eagle County waste reduction center? Without knowing what happens next, it is hard to truly understand the impact you are making through your waste reduction and recycling efforts.

Join our Zero-Waste Staff!

Do you want to support the planet, attend fun events, and join an awesome community? Join our Zero-Waste staff! Get paid to keep waste diversion rates up at Zero-Waste events and HAVE FUN! Email Emily Dennis our Zero-Waste Lead if you are interested in helping the community practice waste diversion and reduction: emilyd@walkingmountains.org!

FREE Recycling Locations

Free recycling drop-sites are located throughout Eagle County, in Vail, Red Cliff, Avon, Edwards, Eagle and Gypsum.

If you are living in a single-family or duplex residence in the Eagle Valley and paying for trash service through either Waste Management or Vail Honeywagon, FREE curbside pickup is available for the most common household recyclables. Recycling is a simple and impactful way that any household can participate in waste diversion.

Vail Honeywagon | Vail Valley WasteWaste Management

Why Recycle?

Save the planet one recycled bottle at a time. There are significant environmental benefits to recycling, composting, and overall waste diversion. With international outlets for our recycling closing their doors to US generated waste, Colorado is working to be a part of the waste diversion solution by creating new end markets for recyclables locally, and by finding additional ways to keep waste out of the landfill beyond recycling.

Composting Options

Organic material, including food scraps and yard waste, can be diverted from the landfill through composting! It is an important waste diversion tool that can help to reduce the greenhouse gasses being emitted as a result of our waste, all while helping to restore our soil and natural environment. Even better, this process is done locally. There are commercial composting facilities already collecting organics from Eagle County, and it can also be done at home! Turn your home into a waste diversion center and feed your garden by composting what you can!

Want to get started on your waste diversion journey? There are drop off and collection programs for Eagle County residents and businesses. Reach out to the haulers below for additional information.

EverGreen Zero Waste | Vail Honeywagon

Waste Wizard

Do you need answers of where and how to recycle? Download the app to answer all of your questions. Recycling is an ever-changing process, stay up-to-date with changes in your area.

Actively Green Waste Workshops

Eagle County Recycling Guide (English & Spanish)

E-Waste and Hazardous Materials

Recycling standards are ever-changing, follow these guidelines and download the Eagle County Waste Wizard app for help!

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