Energy Efficiency Programs

Want to save money, stay comfortable in the winter, and make the environmentally responsible choice?
Let the Energy Efficiency Programs team at Walking Mountains Science Center help you become more energy efficient!

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Energy Efficiency and Building Science Resources

Free assessments and double rebates are available for Town of Vail residents and businesses!
Home Energy Assessments Completed
Energy Rebates Paid To Local Homes and Businesses
MtCO2e (metric tons CO2 equivalent) reduced annually
Utility Cost Savings in Local Homes and Businesses Annually

For My Home

Looking to lower your energy consumption and bills in your home? Learn more about the resources through Energy Smart.

FREE Assessments & DOUBLE Rebates

Town of Vail residents and businesses are encouraged to schedule free energy assessment for:

>Free Site Visits
>Free Home Energy Assessments
>Free Energy Coaching
>DOUBLE Rebates! Up to $1,000 for Town of Vail homes
>DOUBLE Rebates! Up to $2,000 for Town of Vail businesses

For My Business

Take control of energy at your business. Schedule a walk-through to decide how best to reduce your business energy footprint.

Income Qualified Energy Assistance

Colorado’s Affordable Residential Energy program (CARE) is committed to increasing comfort, creating a safer living environment, and lowering energy bills for income-qualified Coloradans. CARE leverages EOC funding, utility rebates, and local resources to provide FREE energy efficiency services to income qualified participants like appliance upgrades and air sealing which help reduce energy bills.

CLICK HERE to find out if you qualify. | CLICK HERE to fill out the application.

Enroll for a Home Energy Assessment

Is your home leaking energy? Do you want to save money on your energy bill?

Enroll for a Business Walk-Through

Is your business leaking energy? Do you want to save money on your energy bill?

Residential Rebate Application

Business Rebate Application

Income Qualified Solar Mini-Grants

Radon Resources



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