Colorado Energy Efficiency Programs

Want to save money, stay comfortable in the winter, and make the environmentally responsible choice, but don’t know what energy efficient programs and rebates are available to you?
Let the Energy and Buildings team at Walking Mountains Science Center help you explore our Colorado energy efficiency programs in Eagle County!

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Colorado Energy Efficiency Programs and Building Science Resources

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Home Energy Assessments Completed Through Our Home Efficiency Program
Energy Efficiency Rebates Paid To Local Homes and Businesses
MtCO2e (metric tons CO2 equivalent) reduced annually
Utility Cost Savings in Local Homes and Businesses Annually

Home Efficiency Programs

Looking to lower your utility bills and learn more about energy efficiency in your home? We can help you implement a home efficiency program.

Energy Efficiency Programs For My Business

Take control of energy at your business. Schedule a walkthrough to decide how best to reduce your business energy footprint and reduce your utility bills. Put our energy efficient programs to work for you.

Colorado Energy Efficiency Rebates & Incentives

There are many different types of rebates your project might qualify for!

Review all our Colorado energy efficiency rebates including solar, electrification, safety, weatherization and more !

Questions? Contact an Energy Coach!

Radon in Homes

Did you know that Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers in the United States? It occurs naturally and can build up in any enclosed building - especially in the winter when doors and windows are closed for heating and fresh air ventilation is reduced. Read more to learn more about what radon is and how you can protect yourself and your family from its harmful effects!

Low-Moderate Income (LMI) Household Assistance

Walking Mountains strives to provide inclusive access to Colorado energy efficiency programs to all our community members. By doing so, we offer increased support to income-qualified households. There are three energy efficient programs that we support in order to accomplish this goal.

> Walking Mountains Eagle County Low to Moderate Income Assistance Program - 150% Area Median Income (AMI) or less
> Colorado’s Affordable Residential Energy (CARE) Program – 80% AMI or less
> Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) - Federal low-income assistance
> Click HERE to see if you qualify

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