Beavers: Nature’s Stream Restoration Specialists

Beavers, North America’s largest rodents, have a complicated history with humans. These critters have largely been seen as a nuisance or a commodity, but river restoration specialists have begun to recognize the important role they play as architects of a watershed. Want these articles delivered right to your inbox every week?  Click here to sign up! Scientists and naturalists have long recognized that beavers create

The Missing Lynx

Where are the Lynx? The Canada lynx is protected under the Endangered Species Act, which makes encountering one in the wild an extremely unusual occurrence, especially here in Colorado. The lynx by nature, tends to be a reclusive and shy animal, rarely venturing into populated areas. According to Colorado Species Conservation Manager Eric Odell, the current population is estimated to

Light & Shadow: Sun Dogs

The shadows on these short days of winter are long and all encompassing. Sunlight glints off the surface of the crystalline snow, blinding us literally and figuratively with its brilliance. Even the atmosphere seems awash with light and color, as the combination of sunlight and ice creates all kinds of visual effects, crafting a scenic beauty that really can’t be