Feathers and Their Versatility

As I study the bird feeders in my backyard this spring, I find myself marveling at the variety of patterns that feathers allow. Stripes, patches, streaks, colors, and mottles: these are the details birders use to differentiate the many bird varieties that don’t have other telltale physical attributes. Although we appreciate them for advertising a bird’s species, sex, and health,

When Principles Matter

When you hear “Leave No Trace,” what do you think about? Are you reminded of fellow hikers picking up litter along the trail to Missouri Lakes? Do you think about leaving only footprints and taking only photographs? Or are you reminded of backpacking techniques from your childhood like the 7 D’s of backcountry defecation (desire, distance, dig, deliver, disguise, disinfect,

Wild Motherhood

There is no single, correct way to be a mother. You might need to have more control over your child’s activities, or you might feel comfortable being laid-back, or maybe you just leave them in a circle of grass and only check on them twice a day. That last example is really best for rabbits though, so don’t try that

Arbor Day

Do you love the sounds of Aspen stands blowing in the breeze or the scent of towering Colorado Blue Spruce near a stream? Then Arbor Day is your day! Arbor day is truly an environmentally friendly holiday when people around the world are encouraged to plant trees in celebration of all the benefits they provide us! It is easy to