Tips for a Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife photography is a genre of photography traditionally reserved for professionals, those with the gear and means to take truly compelling pictures of wildlife in hidden corners around the globe. With modern-day improvements in camera technology, wildlife photography is a sub-discipline of photography that can now be done by anyone with the right amount of patience and some luck. Want

Breathe Deep

Welcome sulphur dioxide, Hello carbon monoxide, The air, the air is everywhere Breathe deep, while you sleep, breathe deep. – lyrics from Air from the musical Hair   We all live in the mountains for our own reasons. For some, it’s the scenic beauty and picturesque landscapes dotted with flora and fauna of all kinds. For others, it’s the ever

Beavers: Nature’s Stream Restoration Specialists

Beavers, North America’s largest rodents, have a complicated history with humans. These critters have largely been seen as a nuisance or a commodity, but river restoration specialists have begun to recognize the important role they play as architects of a watershed. Want these articles delivered right to your inbox every week?  Click here to sign up! Scientists and naturalists have long recognized that beavers create