hiking for seniors

Tribute to Seniors

Happy National Senior Citizens Day! For millennia, the elderly have played an important role as leaders, nurturers, and guardians of tradition. As we spend today celebrating the older members of society, we can turn to our friends in the wild to learn about the elderly members of wildlife species. Humans, among other social animals, have evolved to live in groups

Be Bear Aware

It is the middle of summer here in the valley, which means that berries are starting to ripen. If you enjoy eating the berries here, then you are not alone. Black bears eat berries because they serve a critical role in the bears’ diets. As bears start moving about looking for food, you may find that they will wander into

Camping With Kids

Here in the Colorado we have beautiful terrain and outdoor activities providing unique and exciting experiences.  We like to share those experiences with everyone, including our kids. Bringing kids into nature is essential to their future development as young outdoorsmen and women. Getting outside with your children is one of the most important things that you can do for your

Feathers and Their Versatility

As I study the bird feeders in my backyard this spring, I find myself marveling at the variety of patterns that feathers allow. Stripes, patches, streaks, colors, and mottles: these are the details birders use to differentiate the many bird varieties that don’t have other telltale physical attributes. Although we appreciate them for advertising a bird’s species, sex, and health,