EdVenture Series

An EdVenture is an Educational Adventure for our current donors $1,000+. By supporting Walking Mountains Science Center at this level, you will be invited to Educational Adventures throughout Eagle County. Our expert staff lead these excursions and teach our guests about the natural world surrounding them. Each EdVenture is a little different, but they all follow the same basic premise: bring people outside, teach them about nature, and then end the activity with a bite to eat, new friends, and a sense of wonder that has been awakened.

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Moonlight Hike & Forest Bathing

This unique evening program combines a backcountry night hike with a mindfulness experience under the light of the full moon. Forest bathing is the practice of making contact with nature by deeply taking in the atmosphere of the forest through all of the senses. Scientific studies show us that Forest Therapy has highly positive effects on our psychology and physiology.

Ute Life & Landscapes in Eagle County

Lynn Albers from the Vail Public Library leads a  presentation and Q&A at the Sustainable Film Series focusing on the Ute Peoples — Native Americans who lived in Eagle County from the mid-sixteenth through the late nineteenth centuries. Learn about the Ute Peoples’ important connection to the land and how they survived in this rugged and untamed landscape.

Bottles & Birds: Hummingbird Edition

A guided tasting of delectable wines curated by Old World Wine Co. and Avon Liquors while learning about sustainable farming, harvesting, and production techniques in winemaking. Then, learn about the only bird that can hover in one place and transform a wine bottle into a beautiful, copper-adorned hummingbird feeder. The perfect happy hour for a fun and unique low-waste lifestyle hack and a little extra bird knowledge just in time for Summer!

Fall Color Hike to Martin Creek

What is more constant than an ancient forest? Well, actually quite a lot! Our forests are always changing, and if were to time travel a few hundred years in the future—you may not even recognize some of your favorite trails, and there’s no better place to see this in action than at Martin Creek! Join us as we hike through expansive groves of old aspen undergoing their yearly transition into their golden fall coat.

Shrine Ridge Hike

A whole unique community of spectacular, hardy (and often very tiny) wildflowers thrive in Colorado’s harshest environment. Learn what makes these plants so beautiful and unique! This hike is a moderate level hike of 4.5 miles round-trip and 900 ft elevation gain.

Birding at Vail Nature Center

Calling birders of all abilities! Join Walking Mountains Founder, Kim Langmaid and Board Member, Jenny Maritz, for a morning of birding at the Vail Nature Center. Binoculars and bird books will be provided.

Whiskey, Water & Wildlife 

A unique evening program weaving our local spirit distillers, our local flora and fauna, and the water that connects us all. Learn the science behind distilling, sample everything from moonshine to rye whiskey to  Alpenglow (sage, vanilla, and peach cordial), and explore the connections in nature that connect us all together.

Forest Bathing at Maloit Park

Forest bathing is the practice of making contact with nature by taking in deeply the atmosphere of the forest through all of our senses. The science is showing Forest Therapy to have positive effects on our psychology and physiology. Come experience a slow and mindful forest walk with a Certified Forest Therapy Guide that will leave you feeling connected and refreshed.

Pika Project on Gore Creek Trail

The Front Range Pika Project is a citizen science initiative that engages the public in field research on the potential impacts of climate change on American Pika in alpine ecosystems across Colorado. The data collected is used by researchers and land managers to inform efforts to conserve American Pika and alpine ecosystems. On this program we will trek into the backcountry to collect data on the signs and presence of Pika at FRPP long-term monitoring sites. You will learn all about the cutest of alpine critters and their importance in our ecosystem.