School Field Science Programs

Grades K-8


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Working in partnership with the local school district and private schools, Walking Mountains Science Center serves students in Eagle County through field science programs that take place in nature, complement classroom curriculum, and enhance scientific and environmental literacy.

More than a field trip, our school programs are outdoor learning experiences that provide students with the opportunity to practice detailed scientific observation, study real-world phenomena, work together as a team, and gain greater connection to the natural world in which they live. Course topics can range from geology and sustainable energy to climate and the hydrosphere.

Our graduate fellows work closely with our Youth Programs Director and teachers to ensure that field science curricula is aligned with national, state and district standards in language arts, math, and science and our multidisciplinary, experiential approach engages students by accommodating multiple learning styles.

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Please contact School Programs Manager, Dustin Hall for more information about field science programs at (970) 827-9725 x138 or

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