Actively Green Certification

Businesses of any type can recieve certification by completing our Sustainable Business Leadership Program. Actively Green is a globally recognized certification that provides a framework of sustainable business criteria and performance indicators that support any business in elevating performance with the use of best management practices specific to sustainability principles. Actively Green Certification:

– Engages employees in meaningful initiatives
– Enhances marketing and success stories with customers
– Recognizes your business as a community leader
– Provides free energy-efficient equipment or incentives for your business

Our Actively Green Certified Businesses excel due to greater efficiency and improved management processes. These businesses are also eligable for exclusive marketing, networking opportunities, and professional development including semi-annual roundtable discussions. Businesses interested in pursuing Actively Green status should join our Sustainable Business Leadership Program to receive amazing coaching and at the end of 9 months recieve eligibility for Actively Green.

Actively Green Certified Sustainable Businesses