Sustainable Business Leadership Cohort

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2-3 hours per month
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Walking Mountains offers valuable guidance and expertise to businesses looking to incorporate sustainability practices into their daily operations. Our practical action items are designed to empower businesses to become influential catalysts for change, gaining a competitive edge while making a meaningful impact on community-wide climate action goals. You can balance learning with your busy work schedule by dedicating just 2-3 hours each month to program sessions and learning activities. Upon successfully completing the 9-month program, businesses will be eligible to receive Walking Mountains’ Actively Green sustainable business certification, which is valid for 3 years.

Scholarships and flexible pricing schedules are available. Contact us for more information.

Explore the Curriculum:

During this session you will about Actively Green Certification and build community with your fellow cohort members. This session will be focused on goal setting that incorporates company values, ethical practices, and legal compliance.

The second session will focus on internal sustainability in your business or organization. Deliverables will include a plan to engage other employees, building a culture of sustainability, long term goal development, and internal action steps.

In this session you will explore how energy can save costs and improve efficiency. Your business will recieve personalized energy coaching and learn how to track emissions for future growth. This will include an energy walk through with one of our expert energy coaches.

Session 4 will focus on correct recycling, commposting, and hazardous waste disposal at your business or organization. This process will include a personalized waste audit, coaching for you and your staff, and a recycling tour so you can discover where your waste really goes!

Transportation is one of the most important sectors for both employee satisfaction and environmental sustainability. During this session you will explore flexible work plans, smart communiting incentives, and fleet electrification options.

In this session you will explore indoor and outdoor water conservation to save money and natural resources. You will make a personalized water reduction plan to track your water and decrease water use through irrigation assessments, green landscaping, and water fixture replacement.

Session 7 will focus on educating both your emplyees and customes to establish yourself as a leader in the community. This will include strategies to support your community such as volunteering,  partnerships, marketing without greenwashing, and recieving customer feedback to continue to improve.

Being a sustainability leader isn’t just about internal practices, it’s bringing your community with you as you improve. In Session 8 will you explore how sustainable purchasing, economic development, and commitments to public health and safety can propel you to being a pillar in the community.

Tourism is a huge part of our economy here, in this session explore how commitment to responsbile travel, natural and cultural heritage, and collaboration can support us in being a sustainable destination. In this session you will also explore risk management and learn how safety and sustainability go hand in hand.

At this point in the program you will be ready to look back at your achievements, set goals for the future, and celebrate your success! You will also be eligable for Actively Green Certification at this point and recieve special benefits, be recognized at our awards party, and join an incredible community of Sustainable Businesses.