Make Your Event Zero Waste

Walking Mountains Science Center provides education and outreach about recycling and composting while supporting special events with their environmental sustainability initiatives. The Walking Mountains “Zero Waste” program is available to special events in the Eagle Valley on a contract service basis. Each event is unique and requires planning and coordination with event staff and vendors to ensure success. We will provide expertise, coordination, trained staff and volunteers, and so much more to ensure each event is a sustainability success.

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What is a Zero Waste Event

Zero Waste events are a great way to show your commitment to community environmental stewardship. The key to zero waste events is careful planning so event materials are reusable, recyclable, or compostable. Walking Mountains Science Center partners with event producers to create successful zero waste events by providing planning support before the event and friendly staff during the event to ensure success from start to finish.

Components of Zero Waste

1. Reducing the amount of total waste created during an event and reducing the need for materials to be recycled or composted.

2. Reusing items as much as possible reduces the need to produce new items, conserves energy, and keeps materials out of the landfill.

3. Recycling and Composting comes after you’ve done all you can to reduce and reuse. A good goal is to have less than 10% of event waste go to the landfill.

Make Your Event Zero Waste

Hosting an event in Eagle County and want to make it a zero waste event? We can help! In 2019 our Zero Waste events diverted over 70% each from landfills. Some examples include:

-- Bonfire Block Party - 79%
-- Mountain Games - 74%
-- Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge - 86.26%
-- Rocky Mountain Burger Battle/Craft Beer Classic Toast of Vail - 79.79%
-- Beaver Creek Rodeo (June 27) - 76%
-- AvonLive Avg Diversion – 82.66%
-- ShowDown Town Avg Diversion – 83.86%

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Join the team and become part of the increasing movement to educate the public about the importance of waste diversion, especially composting.

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