STEM Programs

Through campus visits and after school programs, Walking Mountains Science Center is proud to have partnered with Eagle County School District for over 20 years to provide supplemental, state curriculum-based science education for students all across the Eagle Valley.

Since our founding in 1998 as the Gore Range Natural Science School, taking Eagle County School students out of the classroom and into the natural world to conduct hands-on science education has been at the foundation of Walking Mountains Science Center’s mission.
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While most students will still experience Walking Mountains programs through our School Fields Science Programs, in which students visit our Avon Campus for a field trip based in the mountain ecosystem surrounding the Avon Tang Camps, we have also expanded to offer after school programs at a wide variety of public schools throughout the Eagle Valley.

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School Field Science Programs

Working in conjunction with the local school district and private schools, Walking Mountains Science Center serves students in Eagle County through natural science programs that take place in nature, that compliment classroom curriculum, and that narrow the achievement gap by enhancing scientific and environmental literacy.

Sowing Seeds

For seven years, Sowing Seeds has introduced young students in Eagle County to the world of gardening, healthy eating and environmental stewardship. Stem by stem, leaf by leaf, hundreds of children have learned a valuable lesson: that time, patience, and constant care create amazing results.

Girls in Science

Girls in Science is an after school program that nurtures and inspires an interest in science for girls in the 3rd through 5th grade. The program was developed to address a national trend of girls falling academically behind in science by their middle and high school years.

The Girls in Science program is generously underwritten by, The Harvey Family Foundation, The Scrooby Foundation and the Xcel Energy Foundation.

STEM Curiosity Lab

STEM programming at Walking Mountains provides hands-on experiments and activities that allow your child to explore real-world examples of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Explore your greatest curiosities through student-centered projects. Students who engage in STEM activities at a young age achieve higher scores in math and science and are more likely to choose a STEM-related career.

Natural Resource Internship

In partnership with the National Forest Foundation and the United States Forest Service, Walking Mountains Science Center offers its Natural Resource Internship for high school students every summer.

Over the course of the 6-week internship interns will gain experience in natural resource monitoring and management, gain exposure to careers in the Environmental Sciences and Natural Resources, and have a unique opportunity to explore and study remote areas of the Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District that few people visit.