A World Class Environmental Learning Center for Residents and Visitors

At Walking Mountains Science Center we provide locals and visitors from pre-k to gray with opportunities to explore nature, gain a scientific understanding, and learn about the many wonders of our mountain environment through natural science and sustainability programs.

We envision a future where everyone in the community understands the science of nature and is inspired to take action as an environmental steward.

Come explore your curious nature with us at the Avon Tang Campus, Nature Discovery Center on Vail Mountain or Vail Nature Center!

The Latest

  • Happy National Spinach Day! Eating Spinach for Body and Planet Health.
    Are you looking for ways to boost your overall health while also eating something delicious that also is beneficial to the planet?  Look no further than enjoying some wonderful and fresh spinach to celebrate National Spinach Day on March 26! It seems as if everything has its own holiday, but... Read more
    Published on: 2023-03-27
  • White Rhinoceros Fighting Extinction: Preservation vs Revival
    March 19th 2018 marked the death of Sudan, the last Northern White rhino male in Africa. He died at the age of 45; euthanized by a veterinarian team due to deteriorating health. He is survived by the last two female Northern White Rhinos, Najin and Fatu. With only these two elderly... Read more
    Published on: 2023-03-20
  • Skiing the Trees
    ‘Tis the season for tree skiing! Earlier in the winter, our beloved aspen and conifer stands hosted many obstacles hiding beneath the shallow base of powdery snow. Today, however, we have a protective snow layer shielding our skis from the treacherous rocks and fallen trees that lie below the surface.... Read more
    Published on: 2023-03-13