1st & 2nd Grade Summer Camps



Week-Long Day Camps

Walking Mountains’ 1st/2nd-grade summer science camps are the perfect introduction to the outdoors for your child! All camps are age-appropriate and explore a variety of scientific topics while fostering a love of the natural world through local trail explorations. These camps are for children entering the 1st or 2nd grade in the fall.

During our weeklong day camps, campers will experience the wild places of the Eagle River Valley while nurturing their connection to the natural world through daily excursions in our summer camp vans to different sites. While most of the places we travel to are within Eagle County, we do go as far as Leadville, Glenwood, and McCoy to access sites with relevancy to certain camps.

We will be driving to sites in 15-passenger vans during camp. In accordance with Colorado State Law, If your camper is under 8 years old, they must bring a booster-seat to camp with them.

We also offer two-day camps that stay on the Walking Mountain’s campus for students entering K-1st grade. Click here to learn more!

Avon: June 12 – 16 $325
Eagle: July 10 – July 14 $325

Calling all musicians! Come sharpen your listening skills, explore the rhythms of nature, and experiment with the science of sound. Use your musical mastery to craft your very own natural instruments and start a forest band!

Avon: June 19 – June 23 $325 (2 camps running the same week)
Eagle: July 17 – July 21 $325

Dig into the geologic history of the Rocky Mountains! Young paleontologists will discover the creatures that roamed ancient Colorado, search for fossils, and hunt for bones!

Avon: June 26 – June 30 $325

Get your feet wet as you discover the creatures that swim, crawl, and play in the creeks and rivers of the Eagle River Valley! This adventure is a great introduction to our watershed community.

Eagle: July 5 – July 7 $195

What do butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, and bats have in common? They are all powerful pollinators in our own backyards! Spend the week exploring the importance of pollinators and flowers in our lives while out on the trail and working in the greenhouse!

Avon: July 24 – July 28 $325

Can art tell stories? There is art all over our community that has different stories to tell! Spend the week visiting works of art, making art of your own, and even conducting art experiments. We will end our week by creating an art exhibit that tells a story about how we can help our community and our environment!

Avon: July 31 – August 4 $325

Explore and celebrate the special lives of trees while learning about their adaptations, diversity, seed dispersal, and their relationships with plants, animals, and humans! Create your own 3D tree model throughout the week, learn what it means to be a steward of the forest, and even partake in a tea tree party!

Avon: August 7 – August 11 $325

Come see the world through the eyes of both predator and prey as you discover how they interact here in the Eagle River Valley. Get excited for a week of jam-packed adventure!