3rd/4th Grade Summer Camps



Week-Long Day Camps and Overnight Hut Trips

Walking  Mountains’ 3rd/4th grade summer science camps allow children to explore their curious nature through scientific education and daily exploration. All Summer Science Camps are age-appropriate and taught by qualified natural science educators who make learning safe and fun.

During our weeklong day camps, campers will experience the wild places of the Eagle River Valley while nurturing their connection to the natural world through daily excursions in our summer camp vans to different sites. While most of the places we travel to are within Eagle County, we do go as far as Leadville, Glenwood, and McCoy to access sites with relevancy to certain camps.

All overnight camps are based out of one of the historic 10th Mountain Division hut system.

Avon: June 12 – June 16 $325
*this camp is for participants who identify as girls or non-binary

Have you ever wondered how butterflies talk to each other, or how a bee knows where to find flowers? Entomologists like you study insects to discover their hidden wonders. Come explore the world of entomology and use real research techniques alongside working scientists to make discoveries about insects in Colorado!

Avon: June 19 – June 23 $325

Delve into the past and discover Eagle Valley’s rich mining history. Learn about the rocks, minerals, and gems that make Colorado so colorful, and maybe even strike it rich panning for gold!

Avon: June 26 – June 30 $325

Splash your way through a week investigating water and its many wonders! Campers explore the art, science, and importance of water in our lives through daily field trips to local aquatic locations.

Eagle: July 5 – July 7 $195

Discover what makes birds such incredible creatures by learning about their unique adaptations and behaviors. Learn to identify birds and become an expert ornithologist through fun, hands-on experiments!

Avon: July 10 – July 12 (Shrine- Jay’s)

Embark on a creative journey of nature exploration, art, and science! We will look to nature for inspiration during this overnight adventure. Perfect for the creative young naturalist who wants to develop their art skills in a beautiful place.

Eagle: July 17 – July 21 $325

Experiment, play, and get your hands dirty! Take a journey through the life cycle of plants from germination to decomposition. Explore soil health, seed dispersal, and why it’s important to give back to plants.

Avon: July 24 – July 26 (Shrine – Jay’s) $375

Living in Colorado’s wilderness has been an important skill since time immemorial. Learn how the first inhabitants of this land, the Ute People, became masters of survival. Build shelters, make fires, and identify plants and animals all while making friends and connecting to nature at a 10th Mountain Division Hut.

Avon: August 7 – August 11 $325

Here in the Rocky Mountains, a diversity of habitats provide specialized living environments for plants and animals. Discover where your favorite wild things thrive, survive, and come alive! Let the wild rumpus begin!