3rd/4th Grade Summer Camps



Week-Long Day Camps and Overnight Hut Trips

Walking  Mountains’ 3rd/4th grade summer science camps allow children to explore their curious nature through scientific education and daily exploration. All Summer Science Camps are age-appropriate and taught by qualified natural science educators who make learning safe and fun.

During our weeklong day camps, campers will experience the wild places of the Eagle River Valley while nurturing their connection to the natural world through daily excursions in our summer camp vans to different sites. While most of the places we travel to are within Eagle County, we do go as far as Leadville, Glenwood, and McCoy to access sites with relevancy to certain camps.

All overnight camps are based out of one of the historic 10th Mountain Division hut system.

Avon: June 10 – June 14 $325
*this camp is for participants who identify as girls or non-binary

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to grow up and have an outdoor job in science? Learn what it means to be a field scientist by engaging in experiments that range from studying animal behavior to forest health, all while exploring!

Avon: June 17 – June 21 $325

Travel through time as you learn about the magnificent geologic features located in our backyard. Explore the Earth’s changing surfaces by investigating our local glacial valleys, caves, fossil beds, and fault lines.

Avon: June 24 – June 28 $325

We only have ONE Earth! How can we care for it to ensure a bright future? Spend lots of time exploring outside, design a sustainable community of the future, and conduct a stewardship project with your friends to actively help create a better world.

Eagle: July 1 – July 3 $195

Experience the path of local food as it travels from the farm to your table! Come join us as we explore what goes into making our food at every step from seed to salsa, salad, or smoothie.

Avon: July 1 – July 3 (Shrine- Jay’s Hut) $375

A print in the mud, a beaver chewed log, or a fragment of bone – these signs are just some of the clues that can be pieced together to uncover the mysterious lives of local wildlife! Learn tracking methods, and hone your skills as an animal detective on this overnight adventure.

Eagle: July 8 – July 12 $325

Art is everywhere – from the garden, to the kitchen, to the plate. Spend your week exploring the many ways that we can appreciate and enjoy our food, from growing seed, to harvest, to creating your very own edible masterpiece.

Eagle: July 15 – July 19 $325

Bacteria, fungi, earthworms, OH MY! Join us for a week of digging down in the dirt, peering through microscopes, and developing the scientific skills that will allow us to uncover the secrets of the unseen world all around us!

Avon: July 22 – 26 $325

Discover the diverse and unique forest ecosystems of Colorado. Learn how silviculturists use special tools to count tree rings and understand the health of our forests, plus participate in fun forest stewardship projects!

Avon: July 29 – 31 (Dotsero – Sweetwater Property) $375

Transport back in time before modern technology and tools were of use to explore, connect, and understand your natural surroundings. Practice the lost art of reading nature signs to enhance your ecological and personal connection to nature on this exploration-based overnight hut trip!

Avon: August 5 – 9 $325

Do you have what it takes to survive in the wild? Join us for a week of fun as we learn how to build shelters, locate water, identify edible plants, make cordage, and many other helpful skills for exploring!