High Country Speaker Series


HCSS_web18th Annual High Country Speaker Series

Wildlife in the Rocky Mountains: The hidden stories of conservation, recreation, and sharing our communities with charismatic fauna.

In its 18th year of bringing dynamic speakers to the Eagle Valley, the Eagle Valley Library District and Walking Mountains Science Center once again bring topical and engaging subjects to life to carefully examine what it means to be healthy in the high country.


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 Walking Mountains Science Center, Avon

Atlas of the National Parks is a first of a kind showcase of America’s most spectacular landscapes that invites newcomers and longtime park visitors alike to experience these magnificent places. Using an inspiring collection of maps, graphics, and photographs, author, Jon Waterman, guides you through each of the 61 stunning national parks, highlighting landscapes, wildlife, unique histories, and future challenges. Weaving the stories of these beloved spaces into authoritative and descriptive guide, the Atlas of the National Parks provides an intimate look into what makes the national park idea so special.  A “Q and A” discussion and book signing will follow his lecture.