Sustainable Business Leadership Program

Become a leader in sustainable business. 

Walking Mountains offers valuable guidance and expertise to businesses looking to incorporate sustainability practices into their daily operations. Our practical action items are designed to empower businesses to become influential catalysts for change, gaining a competitive edge while making a meaningful impact on community-wide climate action goals.

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Sustainable Business Leadership Program at Walking Mountains

Unlock the potential to transform your business into a powerful force for positive change. Working alongside other peers in the community, you will work with our sustainable business coach to develop and implement a sustainability action plan for your business. Participants will meet monthly from February to October for 2-3 hours to receive sustainability coaching, share successes and challenges, and complete documentation to satisfy Walking Mountains’ Actively Green certification criteria.
Capacity is limited, register here by January 19, 2024 for early bird pricing and to secure your spot!

Sustainable Business Certification through Actively Green

It’s simple. Businesses of any type can recieve certification by completing our Sustainable Business Leadership Program. Actively Green is a globally recognized certification that provides a framework of sustainable business criteria and performance indicators that support any business in elevating performance with the use of best management practices specific to sustainability principles. Our Actively Green Certified Businesses excel due to greater efficiency and improved management processes and are part of a community for networking and peer engagement.

Specialized Coaching and Personalized Curriculum

Our Sustainable Business Leadership Program offers a unique curriculum that tailors sustainability to your unique needs. Expert coaching and peer collaboration come together to help every business thrive. The program sessions will cover essential topics such as Corporate Social Responsibility, Energy-Efficiency, Waste Reduction & Diversion, Transportation, Water, and Sustainable Destination/Risk Management.

Program Partners

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Sustainable Business Trail Map

View and download our Sustainable Business Trail Map to learn what priority actions we recomend for each sustainability sector. Use this resource to independently implement these action items in alignment with Eagle County climate action goals! This will help you get started, but our Sustainable Business Leadership Program is recomended when you are ready to really commit to sustainability.

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