Cassy Brown

Youth Programs Coordinator

Cassy’s love for nature was nurtured at an early age. Chasing seagulls by the ocean, picking strawberries from the garden with mom, and hikes carried around in dad’s backpack are all memories from her childhood that encompass her adventurous upbringing.

Wanting to provide others with similar nature-based opportunities, Cassy got a degree in Outdoor Recreation and Eco-psychology from Western Washington University. She’s interested in the way being in nature can foster a sense of stewardship towards all living things. Cassy has a wide range of experience teaching and working outdoors. Before moving to Colorado, she started a girls’ skateboarding collective, led multi-adventure backcountry trips for teens, taught snow-science programs, worked in an interdisciplinary art school, and taught “Art, Animals, and Gardens” classes at an animal sanctuary. Cassy is currently the Youth Programs Coordinator, focusing on getting kids outside and excited to learn through our summer science camps.

When she’s not at Walking Mountains, you can find her hiking on local trails, creating art, writing poetry, making plant remedies, skateboarding, skiing, or cozied up with a good book.

Pronouns she/her