Gabi Watkins


Gabi (she/her) is originally from Claremont, California. She moved to Pennsylvania for college, and fell in love with exploring the outdoors when she went backpacking for the first time on a freshman orientation trip. She has spent as much time outside as possible since then, doing work-exchanges at farms across the west coast, guiding glacier hikes in Alaska, and guiding whitewater rafting in Colorado. Other experiences that you can ask her about include her study abroad experience in Denmark and Greenland as well as the eight cats that she fostered over the course of her senior year at Haverford.

Gabi is eager to return to Colorado to explore this beautiful state further and to pursue environmental education after receiving her B.A. in Environmental Studies from Haverford College in 2023. She is very interested in promoting environmental stewardship at the community level and making outdoor spaces accessible. In her free time, she loves all things outdoors, from hiking to rafting to camping. She also enjoys reading, gardening, creating art, and goofing around with her friends and family.