A World Class Environmental Learning Center for Residents and Visitors

At Walking Mountains Science Center we provide locals and visitors from pre-k to gray with opportunities to explore nature, gain a scientific understanding, and learn about the many wonders of our mountain environment through natural science and sustainability programs.

We envision a future where everyone in the community understands the science of nature and is inspired to take action as an environmental steward.

Come explore your curious nature with us at the Avon Tang Campus, Nature Discovery Center on Vail Mountain or Vail Nature Center!

The Latest

  • Harrington’s Penstemon is a Gem in Eagle County’s Wildflower Crown
    Every spring, I get giddy at the first sight of color that isn’t the white or brown of mud season. I know that each year, the abundance and beauty of wildflowers in this region will continuously surprise and delight me. This year, I am most excited to watch for one... Read more
    Published on: 2024-06-10
  • Good Outdoor Gear Shouldn’t Generate Waste
    In a mountain town, it’s difficult to avoid a conversation about the latest gear, and while that gear equips us for a day in the mountains it can come at a cost that is more than the price tag. Sustainable apparel is becoming central to more brands, but there is... Read more
    Published on: 2024-06-03
  • The Intelligence of Bird Vocal Mimicry
    Bird vocal mimicry, a captivating form of communication, has long intrigued scientists and bird enthusiasts alike. In the intricate tapestry of the natural world, this phenomenon stands as a captivating enigma, offering a glimpse into the complexities of communication across various species. From the mesmerizing melodies of songbirds to the... Read more
    Published on: 2024-05-27