Sowing Seeds

For seven years, the Sowing Seeds kids gardening program has introduced young students in Eagle County to the world of gardening, healthy eating and environmental stewardship. Stem by stem, leaf by leaf, hundreds of children have learned a valuable lesson: that time, patience, and constant care create amazing results.

Since its inception, the Sowing Seeds kids gardening program has been owned and managed by the Vail Valley Foundation’s YouthPower365. It was originally conceived by, and has since been strongly supported by, celebrity chef Kelly Liken. In August of 2017 Walking Mountains Science Center officially adopted Sowing Seeds as an in-school and summer camp program.

The program integrates seamlessly with Walking Mountains’ mission and goals, said Markian Feduschak, president of Walking Mountains.

“Sowing Seeds is the ideal way to introduce young people to the inner workings of natural science,” Feduschak said. “Young people naturally gravitate towards plants and soil, and by nurturing that instinct and structuring the experience, our kids in Eagle County are coming away with the foundational knowledge that will create our next generation of great gardeners, botanists, biologists and most importantly, environmental stewards.”


For more information about the program please contact Erin Baumann, Sowing Seeds Coordinator at or 970-827-9725.