The Sustainable Film Series


6:30 - 8:30pm

Provoking Thought. Creating Action.

The Sustainable Film Series raises awareness and encourages community dialogue about environmental issues afflicting our world through award-winning independent featured films. This year Walking Mountains will continue to provide films at Riverwalk Theater in Edwards. A virtual option may also be available for those not able to attend in person. All films start at 6:30pm and are free and open to the public.

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November 7 | Wild Life

Wild Life is the decades-spanning love story of two conservationists whose dedication to each other matched that of their affection for our planet. Starting in 1993, risk-takers and seasoned business personalities Doug and Kris Tompkins worked to preserve the ecological grandeur of millions of acres in Chile and Argentina by turning them into national parks. Doug and Kris are forces of nature in their own right, and their swelling saga has the grandiosity of the land they worked to preserve.

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December 5 | The Weight of Water

The Weight of Water exposes the emotional human impact of climate change. The film centers around three deeply personal stories from a Nepalese community being impacted by floods and drought. These interwoven narratives underscore the price many Nepalese people are paying as a result of the climate crisis, caused in large part by wealthy industrialized nations.

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January 2 | Cooked: Survival by Zip Code

In the summer of 1995, Chicago experienced an unthinkable disaster, when extremely high humidity and a layer of heat-retaining pollution drove the heat index up to more than 126 degrees. Cooked: Survival by Zip Code tells the story of this tragic heatwave, the most traumatic in U.S. history.

When peeled away from the shocking headlines the story reveals the less newsworthy but long-term crisis of pernicious poverty, economic, and social isolation and racism.  As the climate crisis deepens, extreme weather events are becoming more frequent, but not everyone is affected equally. The socio-economically disadvantaged bear the brunt of the impact.

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February 6 | We the Power & Craig, America

We the Power & Craig, America are two short films exploring the power of community in the transition to renewable energy.We the Power follows the stories of European communities as they work to form local energy cooperatives in an effort to pave the way for a renewable energy future and build a healthier community.

Craig, America tells the story of our neighbor in the Yampa Valley, a town in transition. Traditionally defined by coal, Craig’s main power plant will be closing in 2030, ushering in a new chapter for the town.

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March 5 | Tribal Waters

Tribal Waters, a new film from Patagonia and Teton Gravity Research, tells the story of the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Tribes and what happened when their land and water was taken, and what they are doing now to protect their water and fish.

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April 2 | Plastic Earth

Plastic Earth covers solutions and technologies to combat and eventually solve the plastic crisis that our world is facing. Worldwide plastic production from fossil-based sources continues to rise; it contributes to climate change and pollution and threatens the planet’s species. The film follows the story of concerned mother Janice Overbeck, who goes on a journey to learn the full story and to uncover what is happening to solve it. Through dozens of interviews with scientists, engineers, researchers and innovators, Janice gets first-hand insights on how we can get plastics under control. The film features many of the heroes working to solve the world’s plastic and environmental issues.

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