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Step 1: Sign up for the Energy Smart Program

Click or give us a call at 970.827.9725 to sign up for the program and schedule your Energy Smart Business Energy Assessment.

Step 2: Get a Site Visit and Energy Advising

An energy site-visit is a free walk-through your business with one of our team members including: an examination of your business’s lighting, a brief evaluation of your equipment and mechanical system, follow up materials to outline the first steps to start saving energy and complimentary energy coaching to develop a plan of action to fit your unique needs and long term goals.

Step 3: Take Action and Save

After our walk-through, we will help you implement the projects that fit your budget. Our energy coaches can assist with:

  • Finding qualified contractors
  • Securing the best rebates and incentives
  • Applying for loans and other financing
  • Tracking your savings as you make improvements

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2020 Commercial Rebates

2020 Rebates for the Energy Smart Colorado business program at Walking Mountains Science Center:

How much we will rebate
In the Eagle Valley we will rebate commercial businesses up to $1,000/year, max 50% of any project costs (when also including any utility rebates).*
In the Town of Vail we will rebate commercial businesses up to $2,000/year, max 75% of any project costs (when also including any utility rebates).*
*An energy visit is required before a rebate will be processed. This requirement is waived if working with Impact Energy.

What we will rebate:
Benchmarking - start-up costs for Active Energy Management or Benchmarking
Custom Rebate - if Holy Cross Energy rebates it, then we will rebate it (this may include monthly prescriptive fees for Active Energy Management Programs)
LED - new LEDs that are DLC or Energy Star, and reduces lighting energy use by 30%

Beneficial Electrification - $5,000 when switching from gas/propane heating system or hot water heater to electric heat pump technology, must involve WMSC before project starts



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