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Energy Smart Colorado For Your Business


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Step 1: Get a Business Energy Walkthrough

Your complimentary energy walkthrough is tailored to meet your needs and showcase opportunities for energy efficiency improvements. You will:

> Learn best practices to start saving energy and money.
> Receive customized recommendations for energy efficiency improvements.
> Have access to an energy coach who will work with you to create a plan of action and identify rebates and incentives.

Click or give us a call at 970.328.8777 to sign up for the program and schedule your Energy Smart Business Energy Assessment.

Step 2: Get advice and Get it Done

After our walkthrough, we will help you implement the projects that fit your budget. Our energy coaches can assist with:

> Finding qualified contractors.
> Ensuring projects will qualify for our rebates.
> Providing information on loans or other financing options.

Step 3: Apply for Rebates

After you implement your improvements, our energy coaches can assist with:

> Securing the best rebates and incentives.
> Modeling your greenhouse gas reductions and energy cost savings as you make improvements.

> Are you a Holy Cross Energy customer? Apply for rebates here.

>Apply here if you are not a Holy Cross Energy customer.

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2024 Commercial Rebates

2024 Rebates for the Energy Smart Colorado business program at Walking Mountains Science Center

How much we will rebate:

In the Eagle Valley we will rebate commercial businesses 25% of the project cost, up to $7,500 for the year. This max amount can be applied to one or multiple projects.

*An energy visit is required before a rebate will be processed. This requirement is waived if working with Impact Energy.



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