Solar Energy and Storage

Powering our community with 100% renewable energy is a critical goal in the Climate Action Plan for the Eagle County Community. To help further this work, Walking Mountains Science Center is a proud partner in the Western Colorado Clean Energy Network. The Western Colorado Clean Energy Network is a collaboration of nonprofit and civic organizations, local governments and other partners working together at regional scale to achieve more rapid progress on shared clean energy goals while maximizing economic opportunity. 

Learn more about Walking Mountains support of local renewable energy programs below.

Renewable Energy Resources

Upcoming Sustainability Events

Three County Solar + Storage Study & Action Plan

Completed in October 2021, this study estimates the market potential for solar and storage projects in Eagle, Garfield and Pitkin counties, and presents an action plan for maximizing solar development while securing economic and other benefits for the region.

Regional Solar Map

The purpose of this GIS-based mapping tool is to assess the feasibility of land sites for solar, facilitate connections between landowners and solar developers, attract economic investment to the region, and help support utility company and state renewable energy targets.

Resources for Local Governments

Solar development offers both opportunities and challenges to local governments. Here is a curated list of resources for jurisdictions seeking to manage it for maximum community benefit.

Resources for Landowners

As solar energy continues to grow, so does the opportunity for private landowners to earn income by leasing their land for community-scale solar (CSS) development.

Landowner Resources for Solar Development

Local Government Resources for Solar Development

Holy Cross Energy Power+ (Energy Storage) Program

Holy Cross Energy Renewable Energy Programs

Calculate your cost to go 100% Renewable Electricity

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