Energy Smart for My Home

Do you want to save money, stay comfortable in the winter, and make the environmentally responsible choice?
Let the Energy Smart Colorado team at Walking Mountains Science Center help you become more energy efficient!

Before getting started… see if you qualify for additional financial support through our low to moderate income (LMI) programs and save even more! 

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Step 1: Get a Home Energy Assessment

This is your gateway to using less energy. A $400+ value for only $100 (additional costs for homes over 3,000 square feet).

> Safety Tests
> Blower Door Analysis
> Infrared Imaging
> Quick Fix Energy Installs
> Custom Report with Recommended Improvements

Step 2: Get Advice & Get it Done

Our energy advisors can discuss your assessment report and help you implement projects that fit your budget.
We can help with:

> Best Practices
> Finding Contractors (Download the Contractor List)
> Finding Financing
> Estimating Your Savings

Step 3: Apply for Rebates

Energy Smart at Walking Mountains offers cashback rebates, and we can help you find incentives from utilities.

> Securing the best rebates and incentives
> Applying for loans and other financing
> Tracking your savings as you make improvements

Holy Cross Energy customers apply here

If you are NOT a Holy Cross energy customer apply here

Download the Rebate Brochure



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