Low-To-Moderate Income Household Assistance

The following chart shows income level limits for households to participate in three (3) different programs available locally in the Eagle River Valley, which can help with energy improvements in homes, often resulting in reduced utility costs for the homeowner. Energy Coaches at Walking Mountains can help people apply for and go through any of these low-to-moderate income programs (LMI). Free upgrades may be available with the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) and Colorado’s Affordable Residential Energy Program (CARE).

2022 LMI Levels






Weatherization Assistance Program
60% SMI (7ppl or less)
200% Fed. Poverty Level (8+)
Colorado’s Affordable
Residential Energy Program
80% Area Median Income (AMI)
Walking Mountains’
Low-To-Moderate Income
120% Area Median Income (AMI)

Annual Household Income (before taxes; all income earners)
# In HomeAnnualMonthlyAnnualMonthlyAnnualMonthly
1 Person$46,980$3,915$62,640 $5,220$93,960 $7,830
2 Persons$53,700$4,475$71,600 $5,967$107,400 $8,950
3 Persons$60,420$5,035$80,560 $6,713 $120,840 $10,070
4 Persons $67,080 $5,590 $89,440 $7,453 $134,160 $11,180
5 Persons $72,480 $6,040 $96,640 $8,053 $144,960 $12,080
6 Persons $77,820 $6,485 $103,760 $8,647 $155,640 $12,970
7 Persons $83,220 $6,935 $110,960 $9,247 $166,440 $13,870
8 Persons $88,560 $7,380 $118,080 $9,840 $177,120 $14,760

**WAP households with 8+ people, add $757 monthly, or, $4,540 annually, for each additional person.

Walking Mountains LMI (WM-LMI above in green) Incentives for 2022:

  • FREE Home Energy Assessment
  • $2,000 Solar PV Rebate (must qualify for Holy Cross Energy incentive)
  • $2,000 Weatherization, Energy Efficiency, and Safety Rebates
  • $4,000 Electrification Rebates (fuel switching, battery storage, electric-ready upgrades)

Specific rebate details shown above are annual max amounts per household (which may go towards one or more projects until annual max is reached). All rebate rules apply. There is an 80% of project cost max allowed back in rebate(s) when also considering utility rebate(s). Each measure has specific rebate requirements, please talk with an Energy Coach at Walking Mountains before starting your project to be sure you will qualify. Rebates can be assigned to the contractor (and taken off invoice total) if all parties agree.

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