Kaylyn Murphy

Foley Graduate Fellow

Kaylyn is a born and raised New Yorker who grew up exploring the ecological gems of New York City and the Hudson Valley landscape. She frequently got out for camping trips and hiking up in the Catskills with family and friends. While attaining a degree in Environmental Studies from Pace University, she became a teacher’s assistant for a course that encouraged students to get involved in environmental stewardship through volunteering with organizations around the five boroughs. Since graduating she has been pursuing her passion by inspiring others to become environmental stewards in their communities through place-based education for volunteers, interns, school groups and the overall public in Brooklyn’s largest park and as an Urban Park Ranger. Outside of teaching, you can find Kaylyn hiking, drawing, cooking, journaling out in the landscape, or searching for cool mushrooms in the woods. Kaylyn doesn’t know how to ski, but hopes she will learn (quickly) when she gets to experience the Rocky Mountain winters!