Free Energy Assistance

Want to lower your energy bills? Energy efficiency is a crucial component to your home’s overall energy costs. CARE (the Colorado Affordable Residential Energy Program) provides free energy efficiency upgrades to help. In the Eagle Valley, Walking Mountains Science Center has partnered with Energy Outreach Colorado to offer CARE, providing free energy assistance for income-qualified households (homeowners and renters). Apply if the total income in your home is 80% area median income (AMI), or less. Find out if you qualify below!


Find Out If You Qualify

Household income is the total of all income earned (before taxes) from all adults living in the home, related or un-related.

Household Size & Income Range Qualifications*
> 1 person - $56,000
> 2 people - $64,000
> 3 people - $72,000
> 4 people - $80,000
> 5 people - $86,400
> 6 people - $92,800
> 7 people - $99,200
> 8 people - $105,600

*Income Verification Needed

Program Benefits

>Free Home Energy Assessment to identify energy issues and solutions for your home.
>Based on the need in your home, complimentary equipment replacement (LED lights, high-efficiency refrigerator, programmable thermostat, insulation, heating, low-flow fixtures).
>Project management for complimentary upgrades, including handling contractor quotes, and navigation of rebates and funding sources.
>Energy efficiency & conservation education in your home.

Talk with an Energy Coach | Apply for Income-Qualified Energy Assistance

CARE Application - ENGLISH

CARE Solicitud - ESPAÑOL

Landlord Waiver - ENGLISH

Renuncia del Propietario - ESPAÑOL



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