Rebates & Incentives

Your Rebate Checklist

  1. Schedule a Home Energy Assessment or Business Energy Walk-Through
    (If you have had an Assessment or Walk-Through in the past you do not need to conduct a second one to apply for rebates)
  2. Connect with an Energy Coach from Walking Mountains to answer questions and plan your project to maximize available rebates and incentives
  3. Review rebate requirements for your project
  4. Fill out the Rebate Application (before starting your project)
  5. Provide photos/documentation
  6. Explore additional rebates available from local utility partners

Weatherization, Energy, and Safety Rebates

Rebates are valid for the entire Eagle River Valley.

$500/year Residential Rebate

$1,000/year Business/Multifamily Building Rebate

$2,000/year Low-Moderate income Rebate

Building Electrification Rebates

Rebates are valid for the entire Eagle River Valley.

$3,000/year Residential Electrification Rebate

$6,000/year Business/Multifamily Building Electrification Rebate

$4,000/year Low-Moderate Income Electrification Rebate

Solar & Storage Rebates

*$1,000/year Residential Solar PV Rebate
*$3,000/year Residential Battery Storage and/or Electrical Upgrades
* $2,000/year Business/Multifamily Building Solar PV Rebate
* $6,000
Business/Multifamily Building Battery Storage and/or Electrical Upgrades

*Stipulations apply and rebates are not available for all Eagle County residents. 

Low-Moderate-Income (LMI) Household Incentives

Walking Mountains strives to provide inclusive access to energy efficiency to all our community members. By doing so, we offer increased support to income-qualified households. There are three programs that we support in order to accomplish this goal.

> Walking Mountains Internal Low to Moderate Income Assistance Program - 120% Area Median Income (AMI) or less
> Colorado’s Affordable Residential Energy (CARE) Program – 80% AMI or less
> Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) - Federal low-income assistance

Municipality Specific Incentives (Vail, Avon, Edwards Metro, Eagle)

Many towns and municipalities throughout Eagle County are offering increased rebates and incentives including the Town of Vail, Town of Avon, Edwards Metro District and Town of Eagle.